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HEBM 5630 - Hebrew Linguistics & Soc Ling      


Spring 2017, Hebrew MA Hybrid

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HEBM 5696 - Teaching Practicum      

Spring 2015, Hebrew MA Hybrid, Spring 2016, Hebrew MA Hybrid, Spring 2017, Hebrew MA Hybrid, Spring 2018, Hebrew MA DML Hybrid

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HEBM 6610 - Theories and Methodologies      

The goal of this course is to introduce the main theories and methodologies in the field of learning and teaching foreign languages. Students in this course will also become familiar with the Proficiency Approach as a way to integrate the learned theories and methodologies, and as a tool to conceptualize frameworks for curriculum development. Students in the course will also be required to observe a Hebrew language class and submit biweekly written and oral reports of their observations.

Required Texts: Language Assessment: Principles and Classroom Practices Pedagogy

Summer 2015 Language Schools, 2-week SoH Session 1

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HEBM 6625 - Developing Assessment Tools      

Developing assessment tools for all language skills

The goal of this course is to provide students with a working knowledge of the basic principles for developing both formative and summative assessment tools for assessing their learner’s language skills. Students will experience the development of a variety of test types such as standardized and discrete-point tests as well as communicative competence and integrative language tests. Pedagogy

Summer 2015 Language Schools, 2-week SoH Session 2, Summer 2016 Language Schools, 2-week SoH Session 2, Summer 2017 Language Schools, 2-week SoH Session 2, Summer 2018 Language Schools, LS 6 Week Session

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HEBM 6641 - Hebrew Culture Past & Present      

This course will focus on an examination of the intersections of literature, society, philosophy, and politics in the making of modern Israeli culture. Critical study of Israeli culture with special emphasis on literature, film, and art as sites of struggle over political and social meaning during times of cultural transformation in Israel. Topics will focus on the historical development of the Israeli identity. Civ Cul & Soc

Summer 2015 Language Schools, 2-week SoH Session 3

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