Middlebury Language Schools



The success of the summer session is due to the fact that students and faculty live under the same roof and take part in all the cultural and social activities sponsored by the School: film screenings, lectures, concerts, plays, dinners, parties, club meetings and picnics. All of this contributes to create a cordial and collegial atmosphere that is very conducive to learning and is unlikely to be duplicated elsewhere.

In addition to regular activities and coursework, all students are expected to participate weekly in a club of their choice. Students in the 7-week session are encouraged to take advantage of the biweekly club meetings.

> Cooking workshop: Viaggio nell'Italia del gusto a cura dello Chef Angelo

> Poetry Club: Students and faculty read and discuss poetry. Both are encouraged to present their own work

> Workshop di scrittura creativa

> Workshop di supporto per gli studenti undergraduate

> Workshop per imparare come si scrive una tesi e si fa ricerca accademica, con Gino Tellini

> Workshop della gestualità italiana, con Luca Vullo
> Workshop on learning the Language of Film (the birth of cinema, mise-en-scene, cinematography, sound, editing and film analysis)
> and Trips, Performaces and much more



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