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Dr. Diana Iuele-Colilli holds a B.A. (University of Western Ontario), an M.A. and a Ph.D. (University of Toronto) in Italian Linguistics. She is Professor of Italian Studies at Laurentian University and has been a Visiting Professor at Middlebury College's Scuola italiana since 1997. Her areas of teaching and research are Italian language at all levels, general and historical Italian linguistics, Italian dialectology, language acquisition and Italian-Canadian studies. Along with a variety of articles on Italian dialectology, linguistic acculturation, language pedagogy and the Italian community in Ontario, she is the co-author of Lettura e conversazione (1986), and the author of I friulani di Sudbury (1994), and Italian Faces: Images of the Italian Community of Sudbury/Volti italiani: Immagini della comunità italiana di Sudbury (2000). She has edited The Harvest of a New Life: Documenting, Thinking and Representing the Italian-Canadian Experience (2002) and After the Age of Immigration:  The Lives of Italian Canadians (2007).  She is also the co-author of the plays I panni sporchi si lavano in famiglia (2008), Ma che brava gente (2009), Vita di tutti i giorni (2010) and Nozze all’arrabbiata (2011).  She is currently working on a dictionary of Italiese spoken in Ontario.

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ITAL6550 - Language & Stylistics      

Studies in Language and Stylistics

Designed to develop oral and written proficiency at the advanced level, this course meets daily for two hours: one hour dedicated to the study of morphological and syntactic patterns and structures, and one hour to oral expression. Through the analysis of
different language sectors (i.e. journalism, business, sports, contemporary jargon) in class, the students will gain a better understanding of the Italian language in its various uses. The aim of this course is also to help the students find their own Italian voice while speaking and writing. This endeavor requires daily practice and particular attention to problems of stylistics. (Two hours).

Note: This course is obligatory for all first-time graduate students except those exempted on the basis of a placement examination. Students scoring low on the placement test are be required to take 3407 without graduate credit and cannot apply to the Florence Program in Italy.

Required Texts:
M. Trifone, A. Filippone, A. Sgaglione, Affresco italiano C1, Mondadori education 2010, ISBN 9788800208505
M. Trifone, A. Filippone, A. Sgaglione, Affresco italiano C2, Mondadori education 2011, ISBN 9788800208512
Additional reading materials will be provided by the instructor Language & Stylistics

Summer 2013, LS 6 Week Session

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