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Professor of Italian Literature at the University of Florence, gave lectures, seminars and conferences in the University of Paris, Dijon, Poitiers, Chambery, Frankfurt, Bonn, Eichstätt, Warsaw, Toronto, Klagenfurt and Middlebury College. Coordinator of the Graduate School of Italian Studies at the University of Florence and Director of the Centre of Studies "Aldo Palazzeschi", is the author of monographs, essays, chapters of literary history, as well as manuals.



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ITAL 6611 - Modes of Critical Theory      

This course focuses on a selection of modes and vocabularies of critical theory within the context of the twentieth century, but applied to the field of Italian studies. We will study aspects of structuralism, semiotics, deconstruction, hermeneutics, Marxism, psychoanalysis, feminism and cultural studies.

Required text: Gino Tellini, Metodi e protagonisti della critica letteraria, Firenze, Le Monnier, 2010, ISBN 978-88-00-74003-6 Language & Stylistics

Summer 2011, Summer 2012, Summer 2013, Summer 2014 Language Schools

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ITAL 6631 - Myth of Ulysses in Ital Lit      

The Mediterranean Myth of Ulysses in Italian Literature

This course looks to deepen the understanding of the figure of Ulysses, as legend in the foundation of Mediterranean culture. The course will examine the multifarious nature of the character of Ulysses, i.e., its ancient as well as modern aspects. The figure of Ulysses offers itself as a symbol of innumerable potentialities: a varying heroismk constantly reinterpreted with the passage of centuries. It stimulated expression from Homer to authors of the twentieth century, and inspired a plurality of protagonists very different from one another. After an analysis of the Ulysses in Homeric poetry (the Illiad and the Odyssey), the course will focus on the metamorphosis of the character in some classical authors of Italian literature: from Dante Alighieri to Ugo Foscolo, from Gabriele D’Annunzio to Giovanni Pascoli, and to Guido Gozzano; from Primo Levi to Umberto Saba.

Required Text:
G. Tellini, Letteratura italiana. Un metodo di studio. Firenze, le Monnier Università, 2011.

Additional reading materials will be provided by the instructor. Civ Cul & Soc Literature

Summer 2012

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ITAL 6632 - Artist-Writer Ital Renaissance      

Artist-Writers of the Italian Renaissance

The course aims to deepen your knowledge regarding the rapport of artistic culture through the literary works of three grand artist-writers: Michelangelo Buonarroti, Benvenuto Cellini, and Giorgio Vasari. During the cultural height of the first half of the 1500s, these artist-writers shared presuppositions that restored reason to the fundamental experience of writing, occupying a prominent position also in the field of literary history through three diverse genres: lyric poetry, autobiographical prose, and artistic historiography.

Required texts: Gino Tellini, Letteratura italiana. Un metodo di studio, Firenze, Le Monnier, 2011, ISBN 978-88-00-74071-5.
Additional reading materials will be provided by the instructor. Civ Cul & Soc Literature

Summer 2013

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ITAL 6641 - Cult Soc&Prvt Life Renaissance      

Culture, Social Life and Private Life in the Renaissance

The course aims to illustrate not only the historical context but also the civil and social life of Renaissance civilization (XVI century). Specific topics covered in the course, along with the literary, scientific and artistic works, will be the conditions of daily life in the city and countryside, with special focus on gastronomy, clothing, and the practice of medicine across the various social classes. Ultimately the course will offer a broad perspective of Renaissance culture from both a historical and cultural standpoint.

Required Text: R. Bruscagli-G. Tellini, Letteratura e storia, Firenze, Sansoni, 2005, vol. II (Umanesimo e Rinascimento), ISBN 88-383-0567-6. Civ Cul & Soc

Summer 2011

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ITAL 6649 - Nature & Art in Italian Lit      

Nature and Art as Seen in Italian Literature

This course will examine the image of the ‘garden’ throughout the history of Italian literature (13th - 20th centuries). Beginning with the Middle Ages, our research will examine the stylized garden, representing order, rationality, harmony, decorum, and refined humanity, which constructs the ideal frame of Giovanni Boccaccio’s Decameron and will continue until “the thorns of the dry twigs” of a “garden” surrounded by a “red hot wall” as noted in Ossi di seppia by Eugenio Montale, an emblem of the modern pain of living. We will examine the evolution not only of the “Italian Garden” but also the budding of the “English Garden”, highlighting the cultural significance of the metamorphosis over time. The analysis of texts and the study of diverse authors, with various meanings correlated with the garden, are strictly related to the dynamics of a specific historical situation embedded in civil, social, and anthropological foundations.

Required Text: G. Tellini, Letteratura italiana. Un metodo di studio, Firenze, le Monnier Università, 2011. Additional reading materials will be provided by the instructor. Civ Cul & Soc

Summer 2014 Language Schools

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ITAL 6673 - The Renaissance Courts      

The Renaissance Courts: Society, Civil and Intellectual Life, Culture, Literature and Philosophy

This course seeks to deepen our knowledge of the history, material life and civil culture in the main courts of the Italian Renaissance (16th C.). In addition to literary (Machiavelli, Ariosto, Michelangelo, Guicciardini, Tasso) and philosophical (Renaissance, anti-Renaissance, idealism, anti-idealism) production at these courts, this course will explore the role of intellectuals and the conditions of civil life experienced by different social classes. Therefore it proposes to examine the Renaissance from a complex vantage point in order to shed light on its multiple manifestations – from artistic breakthroughs to the realities of social unrest, which might be described as anthropological in nature.

Required Text: G. Tellini, Letteratura italiana. Un metodo di studio, Firenze, Le Monnier Università, 2014 (II ed.). ISBN 978 88 00 745048. Additional reading materials will be provided by the instructor. Literature

Summer 2015 Language Schools

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ITAL 6789 - Italian Literature Today      

Italian Literature Today: From the Post-Modern to New Realism

NOTE: this is a three-week course in session two (July 19 - August 7).

The course aims to illustrate the panorama of Italian literature today, from the so-called "reflusso" and the turn to Postmodernism in the eighties and nineties which marked the absolute primacy of hermeneutics, to the current trend of New Realism, which has presented in the last decade signs of a new approach to reality, of a return to the search for an absolute truth which springs from strong ethical foundations.

Required Text: Letteratura italiana d’oggi. Dal Postmoderno al
Nuovo realismo
: G. Tellini, Firenze, 2015 (materiale di lavoro che sarà consegnato in PDF a tutti gli iscritti al corso). Literature

Summer 2015 Language Schools

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