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Isabella Carloni

Italian School Faculty

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Actress, singer and playwright. A graduate of the School of Theatre in Bologna. Was trained between Italy and France. Studied with masters such as Ariane Mnouchkine, Thierry Salmon, Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards, Ludwig Flaszen, Tapa Sudan, Marco Baliani, Thierry Salmon, Enrique Pardo, Adriana Borriello, Cesare Ronconi, and Valerio Binasco. Interpreter for some of the most interesting personalities of the contemporary Italian theater, including Carlo Cecchi, Marco Baliani, Charles Cerciello, Toni Servillo, Elio De Capitani, Andrea Adriatico, Branciaroli Franco and Giancarlo Sepe.



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ITAL 6655 - Theater of Fo and Rame      

The Incomparable Theater of Dario Fo and Franca Rame

In this course particular attention will be paid to the different artistic personalities
of Fo and Rame and the specific contribution of each to their rich theatrical production, characterized by intelligent comedy and strong social commitment. The influence of ancient and modern Italian comic traditions and features of the new epic and political theater, central aspects of Fo’s and Rame’s work, will be also covered. These features will be studied not only through Fo’s farcical comedy, but also through the female characters played by Rame. Screenings of some significant moments in this artistic collaboration will be shown to deepen students’ understanding of how the couple created and influenced poetic drama and narrative theater. The performance experience of the instructor, as writer and actress, will also enable students to gain an understanding from “within” theatrical language and a better critical approach to the pieces presented.

Summer 2014 Language Schools

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ITAL 6687 - The Actor's Body:ITAL Theater      

Theatrical Performance in the Last Three Decades of Italian Theater: The Actor's Body

The intent of this course is to study the last intensive thirty years of contemporary Italian theater, a period marked by research, new tendencies and new schools of thought regarding performance and theater itself. The course will have a creative point of view by presenting the material not only historically but focusing on the centrality of the actor. In this manner many poetic and theatrical languages will be studied from the inside, thus uniting theory and the personal experience of the instructor as interpreter and author. Following this approach the course is divided in five parts with specific themes that provide a range of interpretations of theatrical expression and thought over the last three decades.

Required Texts:
Claudio Meldolesi. La terza vita di Leo. Edizione: TITIVILLUS. 2010
Gerardo Guccini (a cura di) La bottega dei narratori. Edizione: Dino
Audino Edizioni. 2005
Stefano Casi (a cura di) Non io nei giorni felici. Edizione: TITIVILLUS, 2010.

Civ Cul & Soc Literature

Summer 2012

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ITAL 6703 - Mask in Contemp Ital Theater      

The Mask in Contemporary Italian Theatre (From Dario Fo to the New theater of Narration to the transgressive Masks of Ricci/Forte (crossing the Commedia dell’Arte, Goldoni and Pirandello)

This course proposes to expand students' knowledge of contemporary Italian theatre through a special concentration on the mask, a central element of theatrical language. In a perpetual dialogue between tradition and contemporary practice we will place in confrontation the following elements: -certain key characteristics of the Commedia dell'arte and the theatre of Dario Fo and his storytelling masks -the renovation of tradition achieved by Goldoni and the theatre of Toni Servillo -some fundamentals of Brecht's "epic theatre" and the new theatre of Italian of narration - the dissolution of the "I" achieved in Pirandello's theater and the new dramaturgy of certain groups in the latest theatrical generations in Italy.

In so doing, the course intends to provide some cultural-historical coordinates regarding the usage and the sense of the mask and its dramaturgy. At the same time, through the observation of certain particularly significant works of contemporary Italian theatre, the students will be able to confront their study materials with concrete examples, comprehend from within the specifics of theatrical language (largely by virtue of the instructor's field experience as a theatrical author and interpreter), and develop an approach to the proposed video materials that is both personal and critical.

Required text: Dario Fo, Manuale minimo dell’attore, Torino: Einaudi -ISBN 9788806200510

Civ Cul & Soc

Summer 2013

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