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PhD in Italian Studies - Lexicography and Semantics of Italian Literary - and professor of humanities and Latin. Adjunct Professor of Italian Linguistics and Italian Literature at the University of Enna "Kore." Tutor of Italian grammar, Sicilian dialectology and Italian literature at the University of Catania.



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ITAL3407 - Adv Grammar Comp &Oral Express      

Advanced Grammar and Composition

This course enables students to progressively construct a repertoire of textual forms (narrative, descriptive, expressive, and argumentative) in order to communicate flexibly and fluently in writing. Concurrently, students will review fundamental grammatical structures and principles through numerous and varied exercises. Oral expression in all its aspects will be practiced in this course, including presenting, debating and persuading.

Students are also required to participate in the Diction & Pronunciation workshop.

Required Texts: Grammatica essenziale della lingua italiana con esercizi, Marco Mezzadri, Guerra Edizioni ISBN: 88-7715-454-3
Grammatica essenziale della lingua italiana con esercizi, Marco Mezzadri, Guerra Edizioni, Esercizi supplementari e test ISBN: 88-7715-452-7.

Summer 2016 Language Schools, Mills 7 Week Session

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ITAL6658 - American Dream in Ital Lit      


The American Dream in Italian Literature

The course aims to analyze diachronically the American dream in Italian literature. We will start from Leopardi's "wild, happy California" expressed in some passages of Zibaldone and the well-known Hymn to the Patriarchs where he addresses the myth of innocence. The works of Leonetto Cipriani, an emblematic figure of the Italian Risorgimento, who was also fascinated by the myth of California will be examined before focusing on the twentieth century when the Italian socio-political context, starting in the thirties, transformed the American dream into the metaphor of a happy elsewhere. The need to escape the rise of fascism animates the conscience of intellectuals such as Elio Vittorini, Cesare Pavese and Italo Calvino for which America will symbolize redemption, freedom and creative autonomy. From Americana by Vittorini and Essays on American literature by Pavese; to Calvino’s American Lessons, the American dream for Italians is not only a "land of utopia" but a point of reference. Literature

Summer 2014 Language Schools, LS 3 Week Session I

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ITAL6724 - Fante: Ital Emigration in West      

John Fante: Italian Emigration in the West: Identity and Autobiographical Writing

After an introduction on the characteristics of the literature of emigration, Italian emigration to the western U.S. will be studied from the early years of the twentieth century. The course aims to examine some of the novels of John Fante, now considered one of the greatest representatives of Italian American literature. Starting from the imaginary map of his life, which he describes in his novels (The Brotherhood of the Grape, Ask the Dust - La confraternita dell’Uva, Chiedi alla polvere) through the figure of his alter ego, Arturo Bandini , the course will focus on the meaning of the concept of identity that is developed through the limits of autobiography but also through writing, understood as the universal overcoming of self. This approach will demonstrate how from the paternal theme to the construction of his own bildungsroman, the continuous relationship between life and literature becomes the basis for his writing, creating an irreverent metaliterature intended as a symbol of the ultimate conquest of the self. Literature

Summer 2014 Language Schools, Mills 6 Week Session

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ITAL6739 - Ital-American Emigration Lit      

Italian-American Emigration Literature

This course aims to analyze Italian-American emigration through literature produced by women. The core of the course will focus on the study of the female voice and its evolution from being an object to becoming a creator of literary texts. We will analyze two novels, several poems and a short story by Italian-American migration writers: Helen Barolini (Umbertina), Melania Mazzucco (Vita), Gianna Patriarca (Poesie da Figlie in vendita) and Giunta (“Le mura di Gela”, in Padri racconti italoamericani). Themes range from crossing the ocean, to nostalgia for the past, current events, the painful loss of one’s identity and the attempt to rebuilt it, and finally the emancipation of the female figure. In the proposed texts, we will examine, how immigration involves a loss but also the possibility of redemption. The loss of roots is a recurring motif, and at the same time, a source of literary inspiration.

Required Texts:
Barolini Helen, Umbertina, Avagliano Editore, Cava de' Tirreni, 2001. ISBN-10/ISBN-13 8883090160/978-8883090165.
Mazzucco Melania.,Vita, Einaudi ,2014, ISBN 9788806218812 .
Materiale didattico fornito dalla docente:
G. Patriarca, Rosaria (poesia) da Daughters for sale (Figlie in vendita), Guernica , 1997 ( il testo sarà fornito dalla docente agli studenti)
E. Giunta, Le mura di Gela in N. Balbo, C. Bonomo Albright , E. Giunta, Padri . Racconti italoamericani, Iacobelli ottobre 2009. (Il testo sarà fornito dalla docente). Literature

Summer 2015 Language Schools, Mills 6 Week Session

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ITAL6748 - Journey thru Ital-American Lit      

A Journey through Italian-American Literature

Why did Italian culture ignore the existence for so many years of an Italian-American culture and literature? What were the first literary traces left by Italian immigrants in the United States of America? These questions are fundamental to this course on the presence of Italian writers in America from 1890 until the end of World War II. Starting with the literary production of Giuseppe Prezzolini and Emilio Cecchi, cultural mediators between American culture in Italy and Italian culture in the New World, our study will include texts by Joseph Tusiani, Giovanni Cecchetti, Mario Soldati, Carlo Tresca and letters by Sacco e Vanzetti. Particular attention will be given to the writings of Giose Rimanelli, who immigrated to the USA and today is considered one of the greatest authors of contemporary Italian-American literature. We will examine the complexity of the American myth and its reception, through recurring themes such as flight, journey, roots, and the return to the native country, expressed symbolically through the use of the mother tongue or by code switching. Another objective of this course is to demonstrate how and to what extend the Italian cultural tradition played a role in the formation of a new literary universe born in a world of unpredictably and instability.

Required Texts:
-Italoamericana, Vol.II, a cura di Francesco Durante (Mondadori 2005); ISBN 88-04-54380-9 ( esiste pdf on line )
-G.Prezzolini, America in pantofole ( brani scelti ) , Vallecchi, 2002 ,
ISBN-10 888427073; ISBN-13 (978-888427078)
-E.Cecchi; America amara ( brani scelti ) il testo sarà fornito dalla docente
-Mal d’America. Da mito a realtà/, a cura di Ugo Rubeo (Edizioni Riuniti 1987) ISBN-10 8835930278 ;ISBN-13: 978-8835930273 ( brani selezionati )
-Giovanni Cecchetti ( poesie e prose selezionate ) I testi saranno forniti dalla docente
Giosè Rimanelli, /Il viaggio .un paese chiamato Molise
, 2003, Iannone,
ISBN -10 885160049X ;ISBN-13 97888516000495;
-Giosè Rimanelli ( poesie Tratte da Amerigo, a cura di A Vitti e M.R Pignatelli, Soleil, 2000,) I testi saranno forniti dalla docente. Literature

Summer 2016 Language Schools, Mills 6 Week Session

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