Cataldo Perri

Artists in Residence

Born in Cariati (Province of Cosenza) in the region of Calabria, Italy. Physician by profession and musician at heart, Perri is known for his personalized and virtuosic style of playing the "chitarra battente," a traditional Calabrian folk technique of guitar playing. Perri wrote the music and lyrics for the piece "Laura e il Sultano," which made its debut at the Teatro Rendano di Cosenza, with subsequent shows in Germany at Nuremberg and Waiblingen. Music for the OPERA arranged by Gigi de Rienzo and available on the disc titled "Rotte Saracene," is often used by RAI during various televised broadcasts. His "tarentella" was used as a popular refrain on RAI during sportscasts ad the weather report. This summer Perri will continue to collaborate with Carmine Abate. Perri and Abate have appeared at the Teatro Silvestrianum in Milan, the "Adriatico-Mediterrano" festival in Ancona, and the "Festa del Ritorno," invited by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism. He conceived a musical review of the music of the Chitarra Battente, "La battente nei luoghi della memoria." He contributed to the compilation "Music against the Mafia." His last disc, "Guellarè" was recorded with "Lo Squintetto" and released in 2011 by MK Records.


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