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JAPN3201 - Beginning Japanese II      

Designed for students who have completed approximately 150 hours of formal training in Japanese. Students must be able to read and write hiragana, katakana, and 100 to 150 kanji. The course will begin with a review of basic patters and move quickly to cover new materials. In addition to the materials provided by the textbook, authentic materials (e.g. television, films, Internet, newspaper, etc.) will be incorporated into the instruction.

Required Text:

Hatasa, Hatasa & Makino, Nakama 2, Enhanced Edition ISBN-10: 1285-45374-3 ISBN-13: 978-1285453743

Hatasa, Hatasa & Makino, Nakma 2 Student Activity Manual that goes with the Enhanced edition ISBN-10: 0547171706, ISBN-13: 978-0547171708 LNG

Summer 2013, Mills 8 Week Session

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JAPN3302 - Intermediate Japanese I      

Designed for students who have had approximately 300 hours of formal instruction at the college level. Students must be comfortable with hiragana and katakana, and know approximately 300 to 400 kanji. Students will first go through a review of basic grammatical patterns. The remaining weeks in the course will be given over to the study of reading and video materials drawn from a wide range of everyday sources.

Target OPI rating at the end of the session: Intermediate High

Required Text:
Oka, Mayumi, et al (2009), Tobira: Gateway to Advanced Japanese ISBN: 978-4-87424-447-0

Oka, Mayumi, et al (2010), Tobira: Gateway to Advanced Japanese - Kanji Workbook ISBN: 978-4-87424-487-6 C0081

Oka, Mayumi, et all (2012), Tobira: Gateway to Advanced Japanese - Grammar Power ISBN: 978-4-87424-570-5 LNG

Summer 2015 Language Schools

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