Middlebury Language Schools


Spanish School Activities

The goal of the Spanish School's cocurricular activities is to tap into the interests, talents, and passions of our broad range of students and faculty, and then to build bridges between those capacities and the rich culture of the Hispanic world.

These activities allow you to take your classroom knowledge into the field, immediately and constantly. Your pledge to speak only Spanish draws you out of your room and into a community and a culture that shares your ambitions.

Activities offered during the summer session include the annual Baile de disfraces (Costume party), Cabaret, choir, modern dance, and theater performances.  Regularly scheduled activities have included cooking club, dance lessons, soccer, volleyball and hiking.

A variety of guest lecturers visit the Spanish School each summer, to address topics of fiction, poetry, anthropology, art, linguistics, and publishing.  Films from every corner of the hispanophone world are shown, with commentary by faculty before and after each screening.