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Level 3 Advanced Intermediate Spanish

SPAN 3301

After having completed these courses, students should handle with confidence complicated tasks and sociocultural situations, such as elaborating, complimenting, and apologizing. They should also narrate and describe linking sentences together smoothly. Students should understand main ideas and some details of connected discourse on a variety of topics beyond the immediacy of the situation. They should be able to write routine social correspondence and join sentences in simple discourse of at least several paragraphs in length of familiar topics. They should read longer texts, get the main ideas and facts, and notice relevant details.

Students in level 3 will also take two level-3400 classes, one each in the areas of writing and culture.  Students will be notified of the available choices in the spring, but level 3 students are encouraged to take Stylistics (Spanish 3411), in preparation for more advanced coursework in Spanish.

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