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Malena Barreiro Armstrong, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, holds an MA and a Doctor of Modern Languages (in Spanish and German) from Middlebury College. Between 1982 and 1996, she taught courses in Spanish literature and culture at various campuses of the University of Maryland in Germany, and courses in civilization and culture at the Advanced Technical College (Fachhochschule). Professor Armstrong is currently teaching Spanish language and Spanish and Latin American Literature at the Cervantes Institute in Munich. Her publications include articles on linguistics and literary criticism, as well as several poems and short stories that have been published in literary magazines and anthologies in Argentina, Germany and the United States. Professor Armstrong’s story, El retrato, won first prize at the XIII Certamen de Literatura en Lengua Castellana in Germany, 1993, and her story Muy Sres míos won first prize at the XXV Anniversary of the Tertulia Literaria in Hamburg, 200l. In September 2002, she was invited to read at the II International Literature Festival in Berlin. Recent books include Puente de Luz, a collection of Poetry; Eros el agridulce, a collection of short stories; Las piedras callan, a novel, and the analytical study Poéticas del Tango.



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SPAN6501 - Intro to Advanced SP Grammar      

Introduction to Advanced Spanish Grammar

This course utilizes an integrated approach to bridging the gap between intermediate and advanced levels of language, putting particular emphasis on some of the most essential topics of Spanish grammar such as: 1) Rules of orthographical accents; 2) Ser vs. Estar; 3) Uses of past tenses, indicative mood; 3) Prepositions (a, por, para); 4) Basic uses of the subjunctive/subordinate clauses; 5) Indicative vs. subjunctive mood; 6) Conjunctions.
The approach to these grammar topics will take into consideration the theoretical aspects as well as the practical use in speech and writing. Authentic cultural readings of diverse types and sources will serve as a context for linguistic practice and written exercises in the classroom. (1 unit) This course meets two hours a day.

Required materials: Theory, practical exercises, articles, and other reading materials are provided by the professors at Middlebury online in “Moodle”. Language & Stylistics

Summer 2012, Summer 2013, Summer 2014 Language Schools, Summer 2015 Language Schools, Summer 2016 Language Schools

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