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Jorge Jiménez Ramírez, from Madrid, graduated in Spanish Language and Literature, M.A. in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language and PhD in Intercultural Communication. His interest areas are Hacker Ethics, Cultural Differences relating to Communication, and Language as a Complex System.

As a researcher in these topics, he has written articles and participated in training and research programs in several Spanish and European universities and institutions. He has been invited as lecturer to international universities and graduate programs and lecturer of Spanish teachers. He has also been involved in different research projects as didactic designer, consultant, and teacher, such as AVE (Aula Virtual de Español) by Instituto Cervantes, ALLES Program (Advance Long Distance Language Education System) with funding from the V Framework Programme of the European Comission or OTT (Observatorio de Tecnologías de la Traducción).

He is currently teaching Spanish, Communication and Intercultural Studies to translators, journalists, and International Relations at the Universidad Europea de Madrid in the Department of Communication.




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SPAN 3401 - Advanced SP: Comm in Context      

Advanced Spanish: Resources for Communication in Context

The course is based on a teaching philosophy that considers language as an oral/aural means of communication. The study of grammar is not an end in itself, but rather a means to accelerate language learning and make it a more effective process. The dynamic use of language will be the basis of this approach. Through significant grammar practice that combines both formal and communicative approaches, students will develop and integrate the four language skills: listening comprehension, reading comprehension, oral expression and written expression. The course’s content will include five main areas that will be integrated in the proposed activities: 1) Functional content: the communicative elements, enumerating the functions which students should know in order to make effective use of the language; 2) Grammatical content: the grammatical elements, and the communicative functions associated with them, which will allow students to effectively express the communicative functions; 3) Subject content: lexical content, subjects and situations that facilitate the social use of language and transmit a real and current image of Spanish society and of the Spanish-speaking world; 4) Phonetic content: activities which will enable students to practice reading and writing in Spanish, as well as improve pronunciation by listening to differentiation exercises, by repeating sounds, words, and sentences, and by reading targeted texts; 5) Lexical content: exposure to texts representing different registers. (1 unit)

Required Texts: “Gramática en contexto”. Main text (Edelsa). ISBN: 978-84-7711-716-2 and “Gramática en contexto”. Answer key (Edelsa). ISBN: 978-84-7711-719-3

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