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Margarita Muñoz Piña



Margarita Muñoz Piña, from Mexico, graduated with honors in Mass and Organizational Communication from the ITESM campus Queretaro. Following graduate courses for a master's in Educational Administration at Ohio University, she started teaching Spanish language courses at the University of Michigan where she also became assistant coordinator. Her teaching career continued at Vassar College, Marist College, and Poughkeepsie Day School. During the summer of 2001 she completed the high beginners program at the French Language School in Middlebury College. Since the summer of 2002, she has taught for the Spanish Language School: intermediate, beginners, and high beginner's grammar, conversation, and composition courses. In 2007, Margarita completed her Master's degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language at the Universidad de Salamanca in Spain with a project entitled: Propuesta didáctica de enseñaza-aprendizaje de ELE para un programa de inmersión lingüística: Nivel principiante-avanzado. This research project took two summers of experimentation and analysis at the Spanish School of Middlebury College. After completing her studies in Spain, she taught at Centre College in Dainville, Kentucky. She has joined the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, where she has been teaching Spanish grammar review at the 300-level and advanced composition courses at the 400-level.



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SPAN 3201S - Intermed Spanish in Context      


This course continues students' development of proficiency in Spanish by expanding vocabulary and grammar. All four skills are integrated, with special attention to speaking and listening. Target language functions include past and future narration, extensive description, and comparisons, all on topics of current and personal interest. Cultural knowledge that will build a deeper understanding of how Spanish-speaking peoples communicate will be integrated into the course content. After successfully completing this course, students should find themselves well prepared for advanced coursework in Spanish language, literature, and linguistics. This course meets two hours a day. (1 unit)

Foerster, Lambright, & Alonso-Pino, Punto y Aparte, 4th ed. Text: ISBN 978-0-07-338530-3 (McGraw-Hill); Foerster, Lambright, & Alonso-Pino, Punto y Aparte, 4th ed. Workbook / Lab Manual: ISBN 978-0-07-735022-2 (McGraw-Hill).

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