Giannina Reyes Giardiello


Giannina Reyes Giardiello, from Mexico City, is currently a Visiting Instructor at Middlebury College where she teaches Spanish Language and Literature courses.  Formerly she taught Spanish language classes at New Mexico State University (NMSU) and at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, as well as summer courses of Latin American Culture and Literature at the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM) in Mexico.

She has a B.A. in Spanish Philology from the ITESM-Monterrey and a M.A. in Spanish from New Mexico State University.  She is a PhD candidate at the UW-Madison specializing in Mexican Literature. Her dissertation explores the correlation that exists between the Post-revolutionary Mexican State and the construction of normative masculinities.



Course List: 

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SPAN3101 - Beginning Spanish in Context      

This course is designed to introduce students to the grammatical structures and vocabulary necessary to express personal meaning on basic topics (e.g. family, daily routines, and leisure time) and negotiate basic survival situations (making travel arrangements, ordering meals, and making purchases, etc.). Language topics and functions are integrated into contextualized activities that emphasize all four language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing), with special attention given to speaking and listening. Cultural knowledge that will build a deeper understanding of how Spanish-speaking peoples communicate will be integrated into the course content. This course meets two hours a day. (1 unit)

Summer 2012

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SPAN3103 - Beginning Writing      

This course is designed to develop writing skills through a process approach that includes strategies and techniques such as composing, revising, paraphrasing, editing, and using a bilingual dictionary. In connection with the cultural contents provided in other courses at the same level, students will produce writing of various kinds, such as messages, descriptions, comparisons, and brief narratives that integrate the content areas, tasks, and structures from the other courses in the program. (1 unit)

Summer 2013

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SPAN3104 - Beginning Reading & Culture      

This course is designed to develop reading strategies by providing abundant opportunities to read a variety of authentic text types, such as newspapers and magazine articles, realia, and brief literary selections. In addition to expanding the vocabulary base, the topics presented will serve as a springboard for listening, speaking, and writing activities. The information presented in the readings will offer a broad foundation in Hispanic cultural knowledge. (1 unit)

Required text for Level 1: Ramos & Davis, Portafolio (McGraw Hill, 2008). This is a special package created for Middlebury College's Spanish School.

Summer 2013

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SPAN3201 - Intermed Spanish in Context      

Intermediate Spanish in Context

This course continues students' development of proficiency in Spanish by expanding vocabulary and grammar. All four skills are integrated, with special attention to speaking and listening. Target language functions include past and future narration, extensive description, and comparisons, all on topics of current and personal interest. Cultural knowledge that will build a deeper understanding of how Spanish-speaking peoples communicate will be integrated into the course content. After successfully completing this course, students should find themselves well prepared for advanced coursework in Spanish language, literature, and linguistics. This course meets two hours a day. (1 unit)

Summer 2014 Language Schools, Summer 2015 Language Schools

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