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Carl Good


Carl Good was born and raised in Mexico City, and received his Ph.D. in Hispanic literature from the University of California, Irvine. He has been a member of the Spanish department faculties of Emory University and Indiana University. His publications include numerous articles and edited collections on Hispanic American poetry and Mexican literature. He is co-editor of the academic journal Discourse, and currently resides in Chicago, where he works as a translator.



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SPAN 3407 - Writing to Persuade      

This course focuses on the development of skills for the writing of comments, perspectives, and critiques through a variety of grammatical and rhetorical tools needed for effective persuasion. Students will work on several types of writing, and analyze texts from both formal and informal sources: letters, applications, film reviews, blogs, etc. dealing with current issues in politics and culture. At the end of the course, students will have a chance to analyze indirect forms of persuasion in literary materials. (1 unit)

Summer 2011, Summer 2013, Summer 2014 Language Schools

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SPAN 3409 - Academic Writing      

This course is designed for those students who plan to continue their education at the graduate level in Spanish (or other disciplines), or any student who wishes to develop his or her writing skills at a more advanced and sophisticated level. It is intended to give the students the practice they need to be able to write at a formal, academic level. We will focus on activities that provide students with strategies to formulate their thesis, to choose an appropriate organization to develop their thesis, and to introduce and conclude their essay in an interesting and appropriate manner. Writing assignments will include, among others, literary analysis and research topics.

Required Text: Material in electronic format will be made available upon arrival at Middlebury.

Summer 2012

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SPAN 3430 - Hispanic Culture Through Film      

Hispanic Culture Through Literature and Film

This course will serve as an introduction to various key cultural moments in 20th-century Hispanic societies: the Mexican Revolution; the Cuban Revolution; and dictatorship and post-dictatorship periods in Chile and Spain. We will study and analyze the historical-cultural backgrounds of each of these moments, as well as interpret key literary and filmic texts associated with them. Students will learn the tools of cultural, literary and filmic analysis in the reading and discussion of the literary and cinematic works.

Writers will include Ramón López Velarde, Nellie Campobello, Eliseo Alberto, Pedro Lemebel, Adelaida García Morales and Carme Riera. Films will include “Ensayo de un crimen,” “Memorias del subdesarrollo,” “Machuca,” and “Cría cuervos.”

Required Text: Course readings will be provided online.

Summer 2011

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SPAN 6505 - Adv Academic Writing      

The course aims at developing students academic writing skills through the understanding of key concepts of discourse analysis such as reference, cohesion, and coherence. A variety of text types will be analyzed in class. Rhetoric devices such as argumentation, hypothesis, and exposition will be presented and practiced through writing tasks, with group work integrated into the course. Special attention will be given to the articulation of class activities with the requirements of other courses at the same level. (1 unit).

Required text: Electronic material provided at Middlebury. Language & Stylistics

Summer 2012, Summer 2013, Summer 2014 Language Schools

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