Susana Brauner

Faculty-Buenos Aires

Susana Brauner, from Buenos Aires, received her Undergraduate Degree in History from the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA), her M.A in Latin American History from Tel Aviv University and her Ph.D. from Universidad del Salvador (USAL), Argentina. She is  Professor and Senior Researcher at the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE) and at the M.A Diversity Cultural Studies of the Universidad Nacional Tres de Febrero (UNTREF). She teaches courses in Argentine and Latin American History, Latin American Contemporary Politics, International Twentieth Century History and Comparative Intercultural and Interreligious Processes.She has published numerous articles in various academic journals, and she has written book chapters in Argentina, Mexico, Spain, and Israel. She is the author of two books about the Syrian Jews’ identities and political practices in Argentina (2005 and 2009).



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SPAN 6747A - Argentine History      


The purpose of this course is to analyze Argentine history during the 20th-century. It will focus on the major political processes, within their national and international contexts, including with some detail the influence of the populists´ movements and military dictatorships´ experiences on the nation´s development. (1 unit)

Required texts available in UADE Library: Novaro, Marcos, La dictadura militar (1976-1983) del golpe de estado a la restauracio´n democra´tica (Paidós, Buenos Aires, 2003. Ref. 94(82)"1976-1983" NOV DIC N.9 1A 2003); Rein, Raanan, Peronismo, populismo y poli´tica: Argentina 1943-1955, ed. de Belgrano (Buenos Aires, 1998. Ref. XX (293894.1); Rapoport, Mario, Historia econo´mica, poli´tica y social de la Argentina 1880-2000 (Macchi, Buenos Aires, 2003. Ref. 94(82) RAP HIS 5A 2003), Romero, Luis Alberto, Breve historia contemporánea de la Argentina (Fondo de Cultura Económica, Buenos Aires, 2003. Ref. 94(82) "1500/1983" ACA NUE V.1-V.10); Rock, David, Argentina en el siglo veinte economi´a y desarrollo poli´tico desde la e´lite conservadora a Pero´n-Pero´n (Lenguaje Claro editora, Buenos Aires, 2009. Ref. 338.1(82) ARG 1A 2009); Torre, Juan Carlos, La vieja guardia sindical y Pero´n sobre los ori´genes del peronismo (EDUNTREF, Buenos Aires, 2006. Ref. 32(82) TOR VIE 2A 2006). Civ Cul & Soc

Summer 2014 Language Schools, Buenes Aires 6 Week Session, Summer 2015 Language Schools, Buenes Aires 6 Week Session, Summer 2016 Language Schools, Buenes Aires 6 Week Session, Summer 2017 Language Schools, Buenos Aires 6 Week Session, Summer 2018 Language Schools, Buenos Aires 6 Week Session

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