Office of Digital Learning and Inquiry (DLINQ)

The Office of Digital Learning and Inquiry (DLINQ), is the result of unifying the Academic Technology Group in Middlebury, the Digital Learning Commons in Monterey, and the Office of Digital Learning. DLINQ was officially created in January, 2018. 

We have united to form a dynamic, strategic, robust, and more accessible resource for faculty, staff, and students across all of Middlebury's programs.

DLINQ explores and creates digital practices and spaces that advance the transformative potential of education in students’ lives.


Wondering how to get involved or get help? Here are some ways to connect with DLINQ.

  • Digital Detoxa pilot initiative to reduce the toxicity of our personal digital environments and how we engage with them. Ran January 10-February 2, 2018. Archives available.
  • Information Environmentalism—an initiative to improve our digital information ecosystem
  • Get in TouchWe have experts in instructional design and pedagogy, multimedia, blogging and web tools, animation, graphic design, learning space design, and more. Request a consultation if you have questions about integrating digital tools into your classroom, or if you want to explore pedagogical opportunities that involve digital practices and spaces.
  • Learn more on our website—

Cross-Institutional Teams

DLINQ is sub-divided into three teams that are cross-institutional and serving the College, Institute, and Schools:

  • Digital Pedagogy and Media
  • Exploratory Initiatives and Partnerships
  • Learning Spaces and Infrastructures

Associate Provost for Digital Learning

Digital Pedagogy and Media

This group partners with faculty, staff, and students to explore the intersections of “the digital” with teaching and learning. 

Mark Basse

Digital Media Specialist

 work(831) 647-3558
 McGowan Building MG220A

Daniel Houghton

Animation Studio Producer

 work(802) 443-5746
 Tuesdays & Thursdays 9-11am and by appointment.
 Davis Family Library 216

Learning Spaces and Infrastructures

This group will advocate for students and faculty in the design of physical and digital spaces for learning.

Exploratory Initiatives and Partnerships

This is the R&D team, which playfully and critically explores digital tools, spaces, and practices, and pursues new initiatives with partners.

Bob Cole

Director, Exploratory Initiatives and Partnerships

 work(831) 647-4630
 McGowan Building MG220D