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Students have a variety of housing options in Amman, from home-stays to independent apartments.*

Women studying at the School in the Middle East-Jordan have the option of a home-stay with a Jordanian family, or living in dorms with Jordanian students.

The female dorms tend to be closer to campus, have wi-fi, and offer a wonderful window into the lives of young, Arab women. The dorms, however, also have relatively early curfews, as is the custom in the Middle East.

Home-stays provide students with an authentically Jordanian experience in Amman, and are the best means to facilitate full cultural as well as linguistic immersion.  Students who choose to live with host families may reside throughout the city, usually within 30 minutes of campus.  Home-stays cannot be guaranteed for all students, every semester, but our on-site staff does make every effort to place students who want home-stays with host families.

Men are usually housed in apartments, as are other male students at University of Jordan.  When possible, men will be roomed with Jordanian room mates.  Men may also opt for a home-stay, but there are far fewer home-stay opportunities for men than for women in Amman.

* During the second semester of a full year at the School in the Middle East, both male and female students may opt to move into independent apartments, at the discretion of the Director (though because of cultural norms, women and men should not expect to live together in an apartment.)