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Located in Andalucía, and with a population of 300,000, Córdoba is a modern Spanish city that blends several centuries of cross-cultural history. Students on the Middlebury program benefit from the unique cultural experience of southern Spain, with its multicultural legacy and history that stems from centuries of Muslim, Christian and Jewish coexistence.



As an historic site where Islam, Christianity, and Judaism coexisted peacefully, the city is home to several legendary buildings, including the world's third-largest mosque, la Mezquita, the Palace of the Jewish Kings, and the ruins of the old Roman temple. Today, Córdoba, is a bustling city with a cultural life that rivals Madrid. Its amazing and diverse restaurants, sidewalk cafes, active nightlife, and large student population all make for an ideal location to experience modern Spain.

The Universidad de Córdoba, Middlebury's host institution, has three campuses that house several different academic departments, with particular strengths in art history, psychology, history, religion, biology, and philology. Its central campus is located in the historic and picturesque heart of Córdoba, blending modern architecture with the ancient city walls.