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Legatum Fellowship

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North America
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Scholarships / Fellowships
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Externally-funded opportunity

The Legatum Center seeks entrepreneurs who aspire to have a lasting and positive economic impact on low-income countries by developing their own entrepreneurial ideas and building their own local enterprises. The Center’s approach is intensely practical. Recognizing that even the best innovations can be rendered useless if not distributed effectively, we work closely with our Fellows to design not just innovative products and services, but also workable, affordable, and sustainable business distribution methods.

The Fellowship is open to all incoming and current MIT graduate students. Students currently enrolled as sophomore or juniors at MIT may apply to become a Legatum Fellow for the upcoming class. The program consists of:

  • Business plan coaching
  • A business “needs assessment”
  • In-house scholars, domain experts, and mentors to provide general guidance, encouragement, or specialized advice on an as-needed basis
  • Enrollment in 15.S15: Entrepreneurship and Prosperity in Low-income Countries at the MIT Sloan School of Management
  • Regular seminars on topics such as networking, cross-cultural communications, and pitching to investors
  • A Lecture Series by entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, and industry experts
  • Special case studies and other curriculum material being developed by the Legatum Center that highlight aspiring and successful entrepreneurs in low-income countries
  • Exposure to an extensive entrepreneurial ecosystem of investors, entrepreneurs, potential partners, and new technologies
  • Financial assistance for education related expenses