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Peer Career Advisors are available during Quick Questions to help you with any immediate needs and questions.

Peer Career Advisors can can share guidance and answers around the following, and more:

  • Develop and review résumés and cover letters
  • Search for internship and employment opportunities
  • Prepare for interviews
  • Access resources like Handshake
  • Connect with the appropriate CCI advisors
  • Present a workshop to a student  organization

Quick Questions Hours

All virtual appointments can log in at - go/qq.

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Crossroads Cafe 7:00-9:00 Virtual - go/qq for the link
  3:00-5:00 Kitchel House    


Crossroads Cafe 7:00-9:00 Virtual - go/qq for the link
  3:00-5:00 Kitchel House    


Crossroads Cafe 7:00-9:00 Virtual - go/qq for the link
  3:00-5:00 Kitchel House    


Crossroads Cafe
7:00-9:00 Virtual - go/qq for the link
  3:00-5:00 AFC    
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Meet the Peer Career Advisors

Cindy Cardona

Cindy Cardona ’22 (she/her/hers)
Biology major with a minor in Sociology and on the Pre-Veterinary track.
Fun Fact: I used to want to be a teacher when I was little only because they were always given food.
Career Interests: I am interested in pursuing a career in the veterinary field.

Hey everyone! My name is Cindy, a senior from Cicero, Illinois majoring in Biology on the pre-vet track. I have been a part of Alianza, Palana, the Equestrian Club, and the Pre-Health Society. I have also had on-campus jobs as a Research Assistant and as a Teaching Assistant for the class Ecology and Evolution.

The summer after my first year at Middlebury, I interned with a local animal hospital in my hometown through the help of CCI’s summer funding program. Through this, I was able to learn several skills such as vaccinating, drawing blood, communicating with clients, and so much more. I first began working at the CCI during my sophomore year where I helped students check into appointments and approved employment opportunities on Handshake. I also volunteer at the animal shelter in Middlebury, Homeward Bound, where I spend lots of time playing with cats. Since my internship was cancelled due to COVID-19 last summer, I spent my time completing courses in animal welfare, equine behavior, COVID contact tracing, and on the overall veterinary profession. This summer, I interned at Niabi Zoo also utilizing the CCI’s summer funding internship grants. I learned the ins and outs of proper animal husbandry in relation to exotic animal species through this experience.

The CCI has definitely been one of the most helpful resources I have encountered at Middlebury. I look forward to being a part of the CCI team again and helping you with your professional endeavors as a PCA! I look forward to seeing you soon!

Claire Moy '22

Claire Moy ’22 (she/her/hers)
Political Science, Economics
Fun Fact: I’ve lived in three different countries — the U.S., Taiwan and China!
Career Interests: Government, finance, consulting

Hi, I’m Claire, a senior from Washington, D.C. studying Political Science and Economics. I recently returned to Midd after a year abroad at Oxford University and am thrilled to join the CCI team. I’ve worked in a lot of different roles throughout my time at college, and would love to speak with anyone about taking the next step as an aspiring, young professional, or about pursuing careers in finance, NGOs, think tanks or government.

In my freshman summer, I worked for an immigration law firm in D.C., where I supported their operations, sat in on client consultations and even went to court. That same summer, I interned at the think tank, the Aspen Institute, analyzing data and managing social media for a communications fellowship for development experts in Africa, South America and Asia.

My sophomore summer was spent doing research remotely for Midd’s Economics Department, examining unemployments trends in the COVID-19 pandemic. While I wish I had been in Vermont over the summer, I enjoyed the opportunity to combine my interests in data analysis, public policy and programming.

Finally, this past summer, I worked as a Summer Investment Banking Analyst at J.P. Morgan with the Corporate Finance Advisory group, advising Fortune 500 and other clients on their strategic capital-raising and -allocating priorities. I plan to join them as a full-time analyst after graduation.

Although the summers have been utilized to explore my professional and academic interests, I’ve been able to pursue my non-career related interests during the year as a member of the International Students’ Organization, RIDDIM, Club Tennis, the Academic Judicial Board and the Campus. I also work at Davis and Armstrong Libraries as a Circ Desk worker.

I am always happy meeting new people — come by the CCI if you have a query, or just to say hi!

Clara Wolcott '22

Clara Wolcott ’22 (she/her/hers)
Environmental Studies and Architecture joint major with a Chinese minor
Fun Fact: My hair consistently adds 3 inches onto my height.
Career Interests: I hope to continue pursuing my interests in urban agriculture and sustainable design while using my language skills to help cross cultural communication.

Hi everyone! I’m Clara, a senior Environmental Studies and Architecture joint major and Chinese minor from Omaha, Nebraska. During my time at Middlebury, I have competed with the Middlebury Pranksters Ultimate Frisbee team, served as Treasurer and Co-President of Middlebury InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (MiddIV), participated in Middlebury’s Museum Ambassadors Program (MAP), and acted as Co-Treasurer for Architecture Table.

The summer after my first year at Middlebury, I returned to my hometown. With the help of the CCI’s First-Year Explore Grant, I was able to intern with Omaha Permaculture, a non-profit dedicated to supporting lower income communities revitalize vacant lots in their neighborhoods. As an intern, I researched project designs and plant species, as well as helping to organize community clean-up events. I also continued to work part-time with a landscape design company, gaining experience in practical landscape care. I am passionate about using creative design solutions to heal and renew the damaged relationship between the built environment and the natural one.

The summer following my sophomore year, I attended the online Middlebury Chinese Language School, where I had a chance to grow in, not only my language abilities, but also my effectiveness in an online learning environment. During this time, I learned more fully how possible it is to build deep relationships, even in an online setting.

This past summer, I participated in the Integrate Chinese Life Summer Cohort and interned with State of Place, a software start-up focusing on data-driven and equitable urban design. I also worked with the Vermont Farmer’s Food Center in their Educational Greenhouse to build a rain catchment system! Please let me know if you would also like to know how to harvest your rainwater 🙂.

I am so excited to walk through this year with all of you. The CCI has always felt like a place of direction for me, and I cannot wait to help all of you to feel welcomed in that space.

Dennis Miranda-Cruz

Dennis Miranda-Cruz ’22 (he/him/his)
International Politics and Economics (concentrated in Chinese Studies) with a Computer Science minor
Fun Fact: Bill Nye the Science Guy once shot an air cannon at my friends and me in middle school.
Career Interests: My ideal career would be working for or starting a company that is improving the accessibility and affordability of health care. I also feel that working in a startup environment allows me to implement the skills I learn while driving significant impact on the community.

What’s up! My name is Dennis Miranda-Cruz and I am a senior from Washington, D.C., working towards a major in International Politics and Economics with a language concentration in Mandarin as well as a minor in Computer Science. At Middlebury, I am a VP at Middlebury Consulting Group and the co-founder of the Middlebury Student Ambassador Program. I am also involved in cultural and community organizations like Muevete Jevi, Alianza, and MiddCAM. I was also a member of SGA through the Diversity and Inclusion committee, and I plan to return this year as a member of the Student Affairs committee.

My academic program pushes me to consistently be on my toes as I constantly bounce between political, economic, and language studies. My work experiences reflect the diversity of my academic interests. I have interned at the D.C. Mayor’s Office where I worked on developing strategic outreach for the Latino community in preparations for the 2020 Census. My sophomore year, I interned in the Vermont House Committee on Health Care, before transitioning into a New Technologist Intern at Microsoft where I improved my software development and product management skills. Finally, I have recently explored the finance industry as a Summer Investment Banking Analyst at Wells Fargo.

I’m excited to work as a Peer Career Advisor this year and I look forward to being the liaison between you and the CCI!

Julia Fairbank '23

Julia Fairbank ‘23 (she/her/hers)
Computer Science and Philosophy
Fun Fact: During my senior year of high school, my mom and I raised a pekin duck!
Career Interests: Healthcare intersection of finance.

Hi everyone! My name is Julia Fairbank and I’m a junior from Chicago, IL studying computer science and philosophy. I’m most heavily involved with the Student Investment Committee (SIC), Middlebury Women on Wall Street (MiddWOW), and the Middlebury Sailing team.

After a CCI trip to NYC with SIC to visit 5 investment banks, I became interested in finance as a career path out of Middlebury. I spent the remainder of my freshman year working with the CCI, SIC, and MiddWOW building up my resume, as well as my understanding of the industry. I interned that first summer at an asset management firm at home in Chicago. I returned to Middlebury with some experience under my belt and continued heavy engagement with SIC and MiddWOW before spending my sophomore spring abroad at the University of Oxford. This past summer I interned at a software growth equity firm and was able to utilize the CCI for a grant to fund the unpaid experience. Looking forward, I accepted an offer at Goldman Sachs for the Healthcare Investment Banking team next summer.

I owe much of my success to the CCI and Middlebury’s extensive resources. I am so excited to give back in the way I was helped! I’m looking forward to meeting everyone.

Mary McCourt '21.5

Mary McCourt ‘21.5 (she/her/hers)
Economics with a Political Science and American Studies double minor
Fun Fact: I’ve been to over 40 countries!
Career Interests: Investment banking, private equity, venture capital.

Hi! I’m Mary, and I’m a super senior feb from Lido Beach, NY. On campus, I’m the Co-Chair of Student Investment Committee (SIC) and the Co-President of Middlebury Women on Wall Street (MiddWOW). During J-term 2020, I enrolled in MiddCORE and built a strong network of diverse professionals and developed a foundational set of soft skills. During my junior feb fall semester, I studied abroad in Copenhagen and played on a professional women’s ice hockey team.

Over sophomore summer, I interned at Siebert Williams Shank, the largest minority and woman-owned investment bank on Wall Street. There, I rotated through lev fin, DCM, ECM, and public finance. This past summer, I interned at Morgan Stanley on the corporate derivatives team covering both FX and rates. I’ll be joining the Project, Commodity, and Infrastructure Finance team full time next year which specializes in the energy sector.

The CCI has been an incredible resource for me throughout my time at Middlebury. From working with the advisors, dropping in at QQs, and attending CCI sponsored networking events, I’ve felt very prepared for starting a career in finance. I look forward to passing it on by helping the next class of Middkids hoping to work on Wall Street!

Zoey Ellis

Zoey Ellis ’22 (she/her/hers)
International and Global Studies, Global Security and Spanish
Fun Fact: My freckles started appearing when I was in first grade and they haven’t stopped since!
Career Interests: I would like to continue exploring my interests in International Relations, Consulting, and Human Resources.

Hello everyone! My name is Zoey, and I am a senior from Chicago, Illinois, working towards a major in International and Global Studies with a focus in Global Security Studies and a language concentration in Spanish, as well as a minor in Sociology. Throughout my time at Middlebury, I have been the Event Coordinator of the Black Student Union, the Philanthropy Chair of PALANA, and a MiddView Orientation leader for three years. I have also participated in Middlebury’s Alternative Break Trip (MAlt) where I traveled to the Dominican Republic with a group of Middlebury students to explore food security initiatives and local health disparities.

The summer after my first year, I was a Business Administration Intern at a Park District in the suburbs of Chicago. Through this role, I planned fun events and carnivals, spearheaded inclusion initiatives, and lead staff training. I spent my sophomore summer working virtually as a Business Development Intern at a legal tech company called LawChamps. During this internship, I worked on outreach initiatives, created a database of justice reform organizations, and provided accessible legal resources to a large online audience. This past summer I was an intern at JPMorgan Chase & Co within their Corporate Analyst Development Program (CADP). Within this virtual internship, I strengthened a variety of professional skills, enhanced my analytical skills and overall knowledge of the firm. In total, my diverse and interdisciplinary interests have allowed me to explore a variety of fields and meet many amazing people!

I am thrilled to be on the PCA team this year! The CCI has been fundamental in my career and professional growth, and I look forward to sharing all these important resources with you. Feel free to visit PCA hours or reach out with any questions! I hope to see you soon!

Meet the Engagement Fellows

Rain Ji '23

Rain Ji ’23 (she/her/hers)
International and Global Studies with a Middle East and North Africa focus, minor in Education Studies 
Fun Fact: I can sneeze multiple times in a row.
Career Interests: I don’t have any specific ideas in mind, but I enjoy think tanks and journalism a lot.

Hi everyone! My name is Rain, and I am a junior from Beijing. I’m an IGS major with a Middle East and North Africa concentration. I was attracted to Middlebury by its amazing language program, and I started learning Arabic at Middlebury by accident because an Arabic textbook was left in my first-year hallway’s recycling bin. I’ve completely fell in love with the language now!

I write and edit for The Campus newspaper’s arts and culture section. I find Hepburn basement my second home on campus because of how much time I always spend there. I’ve met a group of dedicate journalists who are always committed to tell stories at The Campus.

During my free time, I love watching Criminal Minds, a crime show from which I learned 80% of my English. I can remember almost every line from the show, but I just can’t stop watching it. Additionally, I’m a huge Marvel fan and spend a lot of time rewatching Spider-Man series.

I was very confused and terrified at Midd as a first year, but the CCI was one of the first resources I used on campus. I asked a peer career advisor to edit my resume and cover letter, and eventually got my first internship through Handshake. As an international student, Middlebury often feels disorienting and scary, but I hope to use my position to help more students who feel marginalized at the school.

Meet the Front Office Assistants

Front Office Staff Group Photo
Front row from L to R: Zoe Garcia ‘22, Gianna Ferguson ‘23, Genesis Casillas ‘24
2nd row seated from L to R: Carinna Kinnaman ‘24, Noel Ermer ‘23
Back row from L to R: Edgar Rivera ‘25, Ulysses Kamps ‘24.5, Sabrina Salam ‘24, Gina Zhang ‘23, Georgia Perlah ‘25