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As you explore what’s next for life after Middlebury, take advantage of the programs, recruiting events, and job search services we provide you at the CCI.

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Find internship and job opportunities in Handshake based on your career interests and goals.

  • Discover when employers come to campus for events.
  • Schedule an advising appointment with a CCI advisor.
  • Gain access to a variety of resources. 

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The Center for Careers and Internships makes reasonable efforts to check the legitimacy of employers and validity of posted jobs and internships on Handshake. However, we cannot guarantee that every employer and posting is legitimate and are not responsible for safety, wages, working conditions, or other aspects of employment.

It is the responsibility of each individual job seeker to research the integrity of the organization(s) to which one is applying and verify the specific information pertaining to the job posting. Job/Internship seekers should exercise due diligence and use common sense and caution when applying for or accepting any position. See Identifying Fraudulent Employment Opportunities below for more information.

In addition to events hosted by Middlebury and the Center for Careers and Internships, employer-hosted events are listed on Handshake because they may be of interest to members of the College community. Inclusion of these events does not indicate Middlebury sponsorship or endorsement of that activity or event. Those interested may RSVP and attend at their own discretion and are advised not to provide any personal or financial information that may compromise privacy or financial accounts.


CCI is excited to announce that we have partnered with Interstride to empower Middlebury students in their international education journey.

Interstride is an ed-tech company that provides international student support services to higher education institutions.

The app is also a one-stop-shop for international students, providing information about visas and immigration, career opportunities, informative webinars and more.

Access Interstride through Handshake Resources or:

  • Visit and click on Student Login
  • Enter you Middlebury email
  • Verify your email address and set a password to login


GoinGlobal is the leading provider of both country-specific career and employment information. The site will aid in your development of global competencies and knowledge about the world; supporting your search for international jobs, internships, and volunteer experiences.  

  • Country Career Guides and U.S. City Career Guides
  • Key Employer Directory with corporate profiles for 100,000+ companies 
  • More than 600,000 internship and job listings (updated daily)

To access GoinGlobal login with your Middlebury email address and click forgot password to gain access. Make sure to create an account to save favorites, and more easily access the information you want most.  This also allows you to access GoinGlobal without logging into the Middlebury site. Just go to from any computer after creating your account.

Identifying Fraudulent Employment Opportunities

Unfortunately, not every job posting or offer is an opportunity. Scammers know that job opportunities are a powerful tool for gathering personal information, so you need to know how to distinguish legitimate job postings from scam attempts.  Below are some tips to follow and red flags to look out for.

Basic Tips

  • If a job sounds too good to be true, it almost certainly is.
  • Don’t provide financial information or your Social Security number! Legitimate employers won’t ask for your bank account details or your SSN.
  • Do not send money! Legitimate employers will not ask you to wire money or pay for services.
  • When in doubt, look for the job posting on the employer’s official website.  Much like phishing emails, scam job postings often capitalize on well-known names and images. Do not follow links from the suspicious posting, which could take you to a cosmetically similar page, and check the employment page to be sure the opening is real. Calling the company in question (again, using publicly available contact information) is another good strategy.
  • If you experience anything unusual about a job posting in Handshake, please contact CCI as soon as possible and flag the posting in Handshake.

Red Flags

  • The same warning signs that signal fraudulent emails and websites: bad grammar and spelling, requests for personal information, and difficulty contacting or identifying the poster are all clear signs of trouble.
  • Request for an initial investment.
  • Request for bank account access.
  • Requests for payment or transferring money.
  • Offers to pay a large amount of money for little work.
  • Offers you a job without interviewing/interacting with you.
  • You are contacted by phone, and the number is not available.
  • Vague descriptions that focus on money rather than the job.
  • Email domain that doesn’t match the employer’s official domain.
  • Email domain of a free provider is used such as,,, etc. Legitimate organizations almost always have their own email systems.
  • Website that has information only on the job you’re applying for, rather than about the company in general.

What if I’m already involved in a scam?

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