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A group of students holding up a colorful banner that reads "La Organizacion De Justica Ambiental De La Vilita | The Little Village Environmental Justice Organization"

The Center for Careers & Internships is dedicated to supporting Middlebury students and alumni pursuing social impact careers in the environment, renewable energy, international development, nonprofit, sustainable food systems, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), global and public health and public interest technology.

What You Can Expect

The Social Impact pages are designed to provide you with resources to support your search for purpose and meaningful post-graduate opportunities.  Our goal is to help you find that sweet spot where your interests, skills and values intersect with the needs of the world at almost any scale. 

Areas of Focus

  • Overall Internship & Job Resources 

  • Environment 

  • Climate Change Solutions 

  • Renewable & Clean Energy 

  • International Development 

  • Nonprofit, Advocacy & Public Affairs 

  • Public Interest Law + Tech & International Advocacy 

  • Food Systems Jobs + Resources 

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) 

  • Global and Public Health 

  • Fellowships 

  • Public Interest Technology 

  • Start Up Jobs & Tech 

Top Resources

Stories from the Field

To learn more about potential career roles, see the following resources in which alums share their career experiences.


futureforward features several alumni and parents who are leaders in a variety of career fields, discussing their industry’s current environment, their perspective on the future outlook for that career field, and action steps students can take now to position themselves for entry into those career fields.


MIDDVantage is a virtual career exploration program that offers Middlebury students and alumni—through the perspective of Middlebury alumni and guests—exposure to fields of interest.

Live from DC

Live From D.C. is a live webinar designed to engage guest speakers in a number of career fields in discussions about topics of interest driven by current events, frequently having policy implications and an array of career opportunity dynamics.