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A Virtual Career Exploration Program

MIDDVantage is a dynamic career exploration program that provides Middlebury students and alumni with the opportunity to gain exposure to different fields of interest. With the help of Middlebury alumni and industry experts, MIDDVantage offers valuable insights and perspectives to help individuals explore and pursue their career goals.

The program is designed as a series of “episodes” both recorded and live that delivers a robust set of content, providing knowledge about a specific career field as well as skill development relevant to that career path. The series targets all class years and typically includes:

  • An overview of the industry (current state, trends, dynamics, context within the broader world, and the variety of organizations involved);
  • Issues/topics of interest or importance in that segment;
  • Workshops to build skill/knowledge sets that are relevant in the field;
  • Discussion of the variety of career entry points within the segment and how to pursue them; and
  • Employer information sessions about the organization’s focus, its services, and career opportunities.