Middlebury’s mixed-gender Social Houses are an active part of the campus community and provide students with valuable leadership opportunities.

These groups fulfill their missions through a diverse array of social events, parties, community service, and other events.

Middlebury currently has five residential Social Houses at locations across the campus:

  • Chromatic (Prescott House)- 188 Ridgeline Road
  • The Mill- 98 South Main Street
  • PALANA (Palmer House)- 260 Ridgeline Road
  • Tavern (Brackett House)- 428 Ridgeline Road
  • Xenia (Bowker House)- 129 Adirondack View

Members and residents share responsibility for developing community within their house and with their extended membership. As a group, the Social Houses are self-governed through the Inter-House Council (IHC). This body is comprised of the presidents and vice presidents of each of the houses. The IHC serves as a resource, advocate, and central voice for all of the houses. 

Social Houses are both student organizations and residential communities. House leaders work closely with the Residential Life Team to help educate members on residential policies, community standards, and house expectations to foster community safety and well-being. As student organizations, all Social Houses have house constitutions, work with the Student Activities Office (SAO), receive funding for house events from the Student Government Association (SGA), and are governed by the student organization policies.