Students should review the following information and resources regarding student housing at Middlebury.

Community Policies

Middlebury depends on members of the campus community to uphold commonly accepted standards of conduct, which enable the highest quality of teaching and learning. This mission is further reflected in our community standards.

You can find more detailed information in the Residential Life Policies of our Student Handbook. 

Campus and Room Access

Middlebury uses an electronic access system to ensure students, faculty, and staff have safe access to College facilities. Middlebury ID cards allow students entry to all residence halls and appropriate access to other campus facilities. Students are also issued a touchpad code for their bedrooms. We urge all students to protect their property and ensure their personal safety by locking their rooms when they are away or are sleeping. The sharing of touchpad codes is strongly discouraged. Students will be charged a fee for pin code changes and ID card replacements. Middlebury does not accept responsibility for the loss of money or personal property or for damage to belongings in the residence halls or anywhere else on campus. Check with your insurance carrier to confirm if your belongings are adequately covered. Students will receive their ID cards and touchpad codes on the day they move in.

Disability Resources

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) provides a range of housing accommodations and resources for students at Middlebury. Students should connect directly with the DRC for more information about the accommodation process.


Cleaning supplies are readily available, and students are responsible for keeping their rooms in order. The custodial staff cleans and maintains common areas, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and lounges, but students are collectively responsible for ensuring that these common areas are kept tidy. In the event that common areas within the residence halls are damaged and those responsible cannot be identified, all students living in the residence are billed a prorated share of the expenses. Individual charges are imposed for damage to rooms or furniture, for removal of furniture, and for rooms not left in neat condition at the end of the occupancy period.

Campus Property Damage

We call upon every member of the community to respect our buildings, landscaping, and educational resources. They are shared among students, faculty, and staff, today and tomorrow, this year and next. Theft of or damage to College property is considered a serious offense, which may lead to disciplinary proceedings with penalties up to and including suspension or expulsion. Students will also be charged for any costs associated with replacing or fixing stolen or damaged property.

Residential Guest Notification

Middlebury students living on campus are permitted to host guests in their residence hall/house room for a limited time. A guest is defined as anyone who is not enrolled as a Middlebury College student and who is present overnight in a campus residence hall room at the invitation of a resident student of the room. This definition includes a student’s family members and friends.

As a residential community, the right of students to live in reasonable security and privacy takes precedence over the privilege of their roommate or hall-mates to host a guest in their room, suite, or apartment. Guests on campus must agree to and abide by all Middlebury Handbook policies, and in particular, the Residential Policies and Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy.  If a guest violates Middlebury policies, becomes an annoyance to other residents of the hall, or is disruptive of the Middlebury community, the host’s guest privileges will be revoked and the guest will be required to leave campus immediately.

Any student hosting a personal guest on campus must register the guest through this online form.

Bikes and Cars

If students bring bicycles to campus, they must register them with Public Safety, and store them in outdoor bike-racks and designated bike storage rooms during the winter. We encourage bringing a sturdy bike lock.

Parking on campus is limited and often far from residence halls. Most businesses in town are within a short walk. If students bring cars, all vehicles must be registered with Public Safety, display a valid permit, and be parked in designated parking areas in accordance with the parking rules, which are in effect all year.

Laundry Facilities

Laundry facilities are conveniently located around campus (see a list online). Rechargeable cards can also be purchased at the College Store.


The College does not offer storage for students during the academic year or over breaks. All personal belongings must remain within your assigned bedroom or suite during the academic year and removed when a student departs for summer break, withdraws from the College, leaves to participate in an off-campus study program, or graduates. Middlebury is not responsible for personal items left within residential spaces or placed in unauthorized storage spaces. Items left or not claimed at the end of the term are disposed. Students looking to store personal belongings should explore off campus storage options.


Pets are not allowed on campus including in the residence halls except for approved service animals and assistance animals.

Helpful Housing Tips

Not sure where something is or who to ask? Need to find the closest laundry room? Want to know how to fix your roller shade?

These tips will give you a quick reference for your most frequent housing and room questions. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, contact your ResLife staff and they can help.

Tips and Tricks


This is one of the most frequent questions we get! If your roller shade is not tensioned correctly (i.e., not rolling up all the way, or rolling up way too quickly), please check out this video on how to adjust it. 

If you have tried this simple fix and the shade still does not work, please contact your ResLife staff to have a work order submitted.


Sorry, no personal lofts are permitted. But, if you need a little extra storage room, Custodial Services can install bed lifts or bunk most campus beds for you. Contact your ResLife staff member to help you make arrangements. Please do not bunk your bed without help!


For complete instructions to connecting to the Middlebury wireless network, refer to the wireless connection guide.

If you are a student needing help connecting to the internet on campus, submit a Helpdesk ticket.


Middlebury College has 16 laundry facilities. All facilities have both washers and dryers. The following buildings have laundry facilities:

Location Washers Dryers
51 Franklin Street  3 3
Atwater Hall A 10 8
Brackett House 2 2
Brooker House 2 2
Coffrin Hall 6 4
Forest Hall 16 12
Gifford Hall 2 2
Hadley Hall 4 4
Hepburn Hall 2 2
Kelly Hall 4 4
LaForce Hall 3 3
Munford House 2 2
Painter Hall 2 2
Palmer House 2 2
Prescott House 2 2
Stewart Hall 6 4

Add-value machines are located in the entrance to Ross Dining Hall, Forest Hall laundry room, Atwater Hall A laundry room, and McCullough next to the ATM. Cards can also be purchased at the College Store.

Visit go/laundry to learn more!


All residence halls, small houses, and suites have access to a kitchen with an oven, cooktop, refrigerator, and sink. For the most part, students who are interested in cooking are expected to provide their own kitchen supplies for long-term use.

The College’s ReUse Trailers often have great kitchenware and cooking items left over from previous students.


Middlebury College provides basic cable service and television sets in most residential hall lounges and small houses.

Senior Suites (Atwater Hall A and B, LaForce, Ridgeline Townhouses, Ridgeline View Suites, and Ross Towers)

Some senior suites are wired for cable TV installation. Residents of these suites may contact a cable servicer to secure a subscription. Information is provided to the residents of the suites regarding cable TV installation at the beginning of each academic year.


Tapping or tampering with the cable television system is prohibited. Those who are responsible may be held liable in a civil action for three times the actual amount of damages sustained thereby in accordance with the Vermont law on tapping cable television. Students living in spaces where cable is permitted in the lounge areas are prohibited from tapping cable to individual rooms.


Satellite dishes are not permitted and may be removed by Facilities Services. Charges for removal will be incurred by the student.


Registering your car is required if you want to park on campus.  

For information on parking locations and permits, visit the Public Safety webpage.

For general parking info like fees and appeals, check out go/parking.


The College uses five different types of heating systems in the dorms. Visit go/heat to find details on which system is used in your residence and specific instructions on how to use it.


Summer Storage

The College does not provide storage for student belongings.

Student Storage Vendor

Middlebury Campus Storage is an approved student-run vendor for summer storage. The group will make arrangements to pick your things up right from your residence hall room and then deliver it to your room in the fall. 

Off-Campus Storage Companies

Several local establishments have storage facilities and charge a monthly fee for self-storage compartments (prices range depending on size of compartment). Students often group together with friends to rent a unit and share the expense. We encourage you to do some online research to explore local storage unit options that might best meet your needs.

Bike Storage

Bikes may be stored with the Bike Shop for $20.00 for the summer. Unwanted bikes may be donated to the Bike Shop—for details email the shop. Bikes left on campus in bike-racks or bike storage rooms will be collected and may be donated to the Bike Shop.

Social, Academic, and Special Interest Houses

Each house has a designated storage area FOR HOUSE ITEMS ONLY. NO personal items may be left in these spaces. Any personal items stored in these spaces will be donated or disposed of.


Each building has been equipped with cleaning supplies and equipment for ResLife staff and residents to use. Below is a list of all residential spaces with the locations of the supplies. Contact a member of your ResLife or custodial team if anything needs to be replaced.


  • 20 Adirondack: Custodial closet
  • 33 Adirondack: Custodial closet
  • 51  Franklin: Kitchen
  • 70 Hillcrest: Kitchen
  • 82 Adirondack: Custodial closet
  • 99 Adirondack: Custodial closet
  • 131 Franklin: Kitchen
  • 107 Shannon: Kitchens
  • 108 S. Main: Kitchen
  • 220 College: Kitchens
  • 248 College: Kitchen
  • 236 College: Closet off living room
  • 637 College: First floor closet off living room
  • Bowker: Custodial closets
  • Brackett: Basement kitchen
  • Brooker: Basement kitchen
  • Deanery: Kitchen
  • Homer Harris: Kitchen pantry
  • Homestead: Kitchen
  • InSite:  Kitchen
  • Jewett: Kitchen
  • KDR: Kitchen
  • Longwell:  Kitchen
  • Meeker: Kitchen
  • Mill: Basement kitchen
  • Mods: Outside custodial closet
  • Munford: Kitchen
  • PALANA: Kitchen
  • Palmer: Basement kitchen
  • Perkins: Kitchen
  • Prescott: Basement kitchen
  • Porter: First floor bathroom
  • Self-Reliance: Kitchen
  • Sperry: Kitchen
  • Turner: Kitchen
  • Weybridge: Main Library

Residence Halls

  • Allen: First  floor—recycling room
  • Atwater A: Recycling rooms on first floor
  • Atwater B: Third floor of each section
  • Battell: First floor next to the kitchenettes
  • Battell: Second floor next to the small lounges—north and south ends
  • Battell:  Third floor next to the bathroom center area
  • Coffrin: Second floor—north section laundry/south end of hall
  • Coffrin: Fourth floor—annex lounge kitchen closet 
  • Coffrin: Fifth floor—end of hallways 
  • Coffrin: Sixth  floor—end of hallways
  • Forest: Basement kitchen
  • Forest: First  floor—west kitchen under sink
  • Forest: Second floor—west kitchen under sink
  • Gifford: Second floor—kitchen
  • Hadley: Third floor custodial closet across from room 331
  • Hadley: Fifth floor custodial closet across from room 537
  • Hepburn: First  floor—kitchen
  • LaForce: Laundry room
  • Le Château: Basement kitchen
  • Pearsons: Basement kitchen
  • Starr: First  floor—lounge
  • Stewart: Second floor—public bathroom in cabinet
  • Stewart: Third floor—trash room on west end of hall
  • Voter: All suites—under bathroom sinks

Helpful Cleaning Tips

For help with keeping your living spaces clean and tidy, check out the Custodial Services Blog.