Aerial view of residence halls across campus.

Living on campus is a core part of the Middlebury experience. Our residential housing is based on the philosophy that students working together with their roommates, neighbors, and hallmates create a safe and supportive living and learning environment.

First-Year Living

New students generally reside in traditional-style rooms (double rooms with a community bathroom(s)) within their first-year communities. First-year residences include the following:

Building Name 911 Address Other Building Names
Allen Hall 148 Chateau Road  
Battell Hall 63 Chateau Road Battell Center, Battell North & Battell South 
Stewart Hall 167 Hepburn Road  

Sophomore Living

As sophomores, students participate in the housing selection process. Students select their roommates and can live in suite-style or traditional rooms (single and double rooms with a community bathroom(s)) based on their randomly assigned selection time. Sophomores are required to live in sophomore communities. Sophomores may also live in Academic or Special Interest Houses starting in their fall term and may live in Social Houses starting in the spring. Sophomore housing includes the following:

Building Name 911 Address Other Building Names
Coffrin 207 Freeman Way  
Gifford 489 College Street  
Hadley 160 HMKL Way  
Milliken 160 HMKL Way  
Pearsons 536 College Street  

Junior and Senior Living

Junior and senior students may choose from the range of housing options available to them across campus. Students have the opportunity to live in small houses, townhouses, suites, and traditional-style rooms during the housing selection process. All properties that are available will be shared prior to the start of room-selection processes.

Examples of Junior and Senior housing include the following:

Building Name 911 Address Other Building Names
99 Adirondack View 99 Adirondack View  
Laforce Hall 552 College Street  
Forest Hall 496 College Street Forest East & Forest West
Atwater A 75 Freeman Way Atwater Suites
Atwater B 125 Freeman Way Atwater Suites
Painter Hall 5 Old Chapel Road  
Homestead House 70 Weybridge Street  

Specialty Housing

Juniors and seniors have the option to live in a variety of specialty housing communities. Rising sophomores may also live in Academic or Special Interest Houses starting in their fall term and may live in Social Houses starting in the spring.

Academic or Special Interest Houses

Read more about living in Academic or Special Interest Houses.

Building Name 911 Address Other Building Names
Sperry House 91 Franklin Street Arabic House
108 South Main 108 South Main Street Chinese House
51 Franklin 51 Franklin Street French House
The Deanery 40 College Street German House, The Deanery
131 Franklin 131 Franklin Street Hebrew House
Longwell House 90 Hillcrest Road Italian House
20 Adirondack View 20 Adirondack View Japanese House
236 College Street 236 College Street Portuguese House
70 Hillcrest 70 Hillcrest Road Queer Studies
637 College Street 637 College Street Russian House
Perkins House 122 Hillcrest Road Spanish House
Insite 97 Shannon Street Sustainable Design House
Self-Reliance 44 Porter Field Road Sustainable Design House
Weybridge House 28 Weybridge Street Food Studies
Meeker House 46 Porter Field Road Intentional Living House
Porter House 37 Porter Field Road Interfaith House
Brooker House 404 Ridgeline Drive Outdoor Interest House
97 Adirondack View 97 Adirondack View International House

Social Houses

Read more about living in Social Houses.

Building Name 911 Address Other Building Names
Prescott House 188 Ridgeline Road Chromatic, Chrome
The Mill 98 South Main Street  
Palmer House 260 Ridgeline Road PALANA
Brackett House 428 Ridgeline Road Tavern, Alpha Omega
Bowker House 129 Adirondack View Xenia

Rooms, Suites, Houses, and Townhouses

A wide variety of rooms, suites, houses, and townhouses are available for juniors and seniors through the online room draw.

Off-Campus Living

A limited number of seniors may apply for off-campus living in the local community.