As a residential college, Middlebury requires all active, full-time students to live on campus. However, each year, a small number of students are approved to live off campus. We trust that these students will make positive choices in becoming a part of the broader Middlebury community.

In order to provide a fair approach for approving students to live off campus, the College conducts an annual lottery in the spring term for the following academic year. In the event that some students living off campus graduate in February, the College may offer a second lottery in the fall term to fill the spots on the list vacated by the graduating students. A lottery process is typically not held to release students for January Term.

As this is a lottery process, all requests are not guaranteed to be approved. Students should not make any off-campus housing arrangements or sign a lease until they have received final approval from the College. Students approved to live off campus receive a fee reduction for on-campus housing though remain on the meal plan for $650 per semester. Any students requesting permission to be removed from their meal plan should contact Dan Detora in Dining Services at 802-443-5244 or

Students approved for off-campus living must make their own housing arrangements and are required to provide, and update as necessary, their new off-campus address, a copy of their lease, and landlord contact information.

The student conduct histories of all applicants will be reviewed and taken into consideration prior to being approved to live off campus. It is a violation of College policy for students to reside off campus without prior approval.

Lottery Process

The College conducts an annual lottery in the spring term for the following academic year. The total number of students permitted to live off campus is set by the administration in the spring, and this number is maintained throughout the following academic year. 

Eligible students will receive an email from Residential Life when the application is available, outlining the process for the upcoming lottery.

Applications will be assigned a lottery number and the numbers will be entered in the lottery. After the designated number of available spots have been filled, all the remaining applications will be drawn so as to document a clear waitlist should additional spaces become available. After the lottery each participant will receive an email from Residential Life with the outcome of their request. Those students who have been approved will be given a deadline to confirm their intentions and commitment to living off campus.

Students must be approved for off-campus housing and should not make any arrangements until they receive an official notice from the Office of Residential Life.

If a student has previously committed to filling a bed in on-campus housing (i.e., Academic, Special Interest, or Social House), they are not eligible for off-campus living for the same term. Students who commit to living off campus may not participate in any other housing process related to the same term. Should a student commit to living off campus and then withdraw after the response deadline, they may not participate in any other fall term housing process and will be housed during the summer housing process.

Other Logistics

  • Students can sign up as individuals or in groups. Groups are limited to eight people. Students may only be part of one application.
  • It is your responsibility to review the policies and expectations posted on this page.
  • Approved special students and students already approved to live off campus should not apply to live off campus through this lottery. If you would like to check whether or not you are approved for off-campus living, you can email ResLife.
  • The student conduct histories of all applicants will be reviewed and taken into consideration prior to being approved to live off campus and could impact students’ eligibility for release.
  • No rental agreements should be made until after a student receives an official off-campus housing offer email from the Office of Residential Life.

Off-Campus Living Expectations

Each year, Middlebury College approves a small number of students to live off campus in an apartment or house in and around the town of Middlebury. Living off campus is a privilege, and we trust that students will make positive choices in becoming a part of their new community. As students enter this new relationship, it is essential to remember that their actions will impact people who have different work schedules, noise tolerance, and expectations of behaviors than a typical college student. Students are responsible for their behavior and are held accountable by both the College and the local community. Violations of policy may result in off campus release being revoked.

  • Students who are approved to live off campus as of fall term should expect that a year long rental agreement will be their responsibility for the entire length of the agreement, as there is no guarantee of finding a sub-tenant. Whenever possible, students should try to negotiate a lease only for the length of their own needs.
  • Students who plan to continue living off campus for the following academic year do not need to participate in the lottery and will automatically have their off-campus living record extended until graduation. Housing fee reductions will not be applied to a student’s bill until all required paperwork is submitted.
  • If accepted, off campus release carries through until graduation, and students wishing to return to campus housing will be added to a waitlist, and only approved as space allows. Students on the waitlist cannot participate in room selection processes, and will receive whatever space is available if approved to return. We encourage students to think about this before accepting their off-campus release.

Special Student Status

Special students are required to live off campus and do not participate in the off-campus lottery. Special students should not be included in an application. Students who have not yet received final approval from the Administration Committee for Special Student Status and would still like to live off campus should participate in the off-campus process in case they are not approved. Please contact the Registrar’s Office about special student status.

Off-Campus Address, Lease, and Landlord Information

Information regarding your new off-campus address, a copy of your lease, and landlord contact information must be submitted to Residential Life at a later date. Please be sure to collect this required information as you finalize your off-campus plans.

Middlebury Town Ordinances

Living within the local community means being aware of town ordinances and regulations. Off-campus students are encouraged to review the town website for specific information such as local services, parking, trash pickup, etc.


In an effort to protect the comfort and peace for all residents, the town of Middlebury has an ordinance to regulate a person or persons from making or continuing any excessive, unnecessary, or unreasonably loud noise or disturbance. This includes amplified music or voices coming from social activities. Familiarize yourself with the restrictions by referring to the town of Middlebury website.

Noise Ordinance


The town of Middlebury recently adopted an ordinance for the prevention of nuisances, disturbances, and disorderly assemblies. The vast majority of students living off campus are respectful neighbors who engage positively with their communities. On occasion, however, we have experienced instances when occupants of rental locations, through their behavior and that of their guests, have been chronically and excessively disruptive to their neighborhoods. 

Nuisance Ordinance

Rental Occupancy Limits

The town of Middlebury generally limits the number of unrelated residents of a rental unit to no more than three (3) persons. 

Housing Fee Reduction

Full-time off-campus students receive a housing fee reduction, which is applied automatically when a student is approved to live off campus and all forms have been completed. Fee reduction rates are newly established each year. The reduction is applied directly to a student’s college bill. Questions regarding fee reductions should be directed to the Student Financial Services Office at 802-443-5158 or

Dining Fee Reduction

All off-campus students will be automatically added to the 50 meal plan for $650 per semester. Please contact Dining Services at or 802-443-5346 if students would like to opt out completely from a meal plan, opt in to the unlimited board plan, or for any general questions.