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Discover the paths of our recent graduates. Keep an eye on this page in the coming weeks as we add more stories!

Ben Lash 2023.5

Ben Lash ‘23.5


Major(s): Economics
Minor(s): Film and Media Studies

Post-grad Plan: I am the founder of a startup - a referral agency connecting college students with part-time jobs in their communities. Visit as we will be launching V1 of our platform in the coming week!

Influence of Major on Professional Development: My longstanding interest in business and entrepreneurship led me to choose economics as it aligns well with these fields.

Role of CCI in Post-grad Planning: While my interaction with CCI was limited, the Innovation Hub played a crucial role in boosting my confidence to pursue entrepreneurship post-graduation.

Career Champion: My parents have been incredibly supportive of my decisions, providing unwavering confidence in my pursuits. Additionally, the Middlebury Entrepreneurs program and the Innovation Hub have been invaluable resources over the past couple of years.

Emily Wight 2024

Emily Wight ‘24


Major(s): Classical Studies
Minor(s): Political Science

Post-grad Plan: I am excited to begin my journey as a Litigation Paralegal at Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP. In this role, I’ll be assisting lawyers throughout the litigation process, from discovery to trial and appeals. I’m also eager to contribute to pro bono representation, ensuring access to justice for underserved communities.

Influence of Major on Professional Development: My studies in Classics equipped me with strong oral and written communication skills, along with critical thinking abilities, essential for a career in law. 

Role of CCI in Post-grad Planning: Tim Mosehauer at CCI was helpful in mapping out my next steps and planning a professional timeline.

Career Champion: I’m deeply grateful for my advisor, Jane Chaplin, who I met at the very beginning of my Middlebury journey and consistently supported me at every turn, encouraging me to challenge myself and make the most of my time here. I’m also forever indebted to Murray Dry who, as pre-law advisor, offered essential guidance on how to pursue a career in law and constantly believed in my academic and professional potential.

Matthew Kushwaha 2023.5

Matthew Kushwaha ‘23.5


Major(s): Economics
Minor(s): Computer Science

Post-grad Plan: I will be working as a Commodity Sales and Trading Analyst at Citi. In this role, I’ll serve as a market maker for oil and gas companies, trading firms, and hedge funds, helping to minimize risks associated with volatile commodities such as crude oil, natural gas, fuels, and environmental products. 

Influence of Major on Professional Development: My Economics major taught me how competitive markets operate. Additionally, my senior seminar introduced me to derivative trading, a crucial aspect of my new role.

Role of CCI in Post-grad Planning: CCI helped tremendously with my journey into finance. Without family or close friends in the industry, CCI’s resources made financial internships accessible, allowing me to discover my passion for commodity sales and trading. Special thanks to Ursula Olender for her support!

CCI helped tremendously with my breaking into finance. I never had a family member or close friend in the industry, but the CCI made financial internships accessible for everyone. These experiences helped hone in on what I really would like to do, which is commodity S&T. Thank you to Ursula Olender in particular! 

Career Champion: Many individuals supported my journey, but Mrs. Cathy Lee stands out. In my final winter term class, she equipped me with the confidence and skills needed in the industry and connected me with more sales and trading professionals even after graduation.

Grace Carroll
Grace Carroll ‘22

Mari Nakamura ‘23.5


Major(s): Biochemistry
Minor(s): French

Your post-grad plan: I am a Research Associate at NYU Langone Health, working as a lab technician in a cancer tumor biology lab studying lung adenocarcinoma. Under the mentorship of an MD/PhD student, I am involved in a project that investigates the metabolic basis of ferroptosis, a novel form of cell death, using CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing and observing tumor growth and proliferation in genetically engineered mouse models. Additionally, I am preparing to take the MCAT and begin the medical school application process.

Influence of Major on Professional Development: The courses I took for my major played a significant role in discovering my interests within the field of research and continue to serve as a solid foundation of knowledge and skills in the work I do in the lab.

Role of CCI in Post-grad Planning: While I did not utilize the CCI extensively, the Health Professions Committee was incredibly helpful in guiding me toward my professional goals during my time at Middlebury.

Career Champion: Bob Cluss, Logan Fischer, Hannah Benz, and Jeff Byers were all professors or advisors of mine who were not only great mentors but illuminated my passion for science. Their guidance and support, both direct and indirect, have been instrumental in my decision to pursue research and, eventually, a career in medicine. 

Akbar Aziz 2024

Akbarali Aziz Jr. ‘24


Major(s): English (following the Creative Writing Track)
Minor(s): Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies and South Asian Studies

Post-grad Plan: I will be attending Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law (SMU Law) in the combined JD/MBA program. This four-year program will allow me to earn both degrees simultaneously.

Influence of Major on Professional Development: My English major has taught me how to be a great writer and influenced my perceptions of literature and languages. I have learned how to write concisely and effectively. I have also been able to explore my passion for poetry and completed a thesis as well.

Role of CCI in Post-grad Planning: I worked with career advisors at the CCI to help with my post-graduation plan. 

Career Champion: Professor Jay Parini has been my Career Champion. He has been incredibly supportive of my decision to attend law school and has taught me a great deal about poetry and the art of becoming a better writer. 

Kristen Morgenstern 2024

Kristen Morgenstern ‘24


Major(s): History and Theatre

Post-grad Plan: I will be heading to Ann Arbor this fall to begin my PhD in History at the University of Michigan, with a focus on late twentieth-century Jewish feminist history.

Influence of Major on Professional Development: During my time at Middlebury, I have taken many classes in the history department that helped me develop my specific interests including History of Sexuality, Modern American Jewish History, and Black and Jewish Feminist perspectives. I had the chance to TA a course, Jewish Oral History, and worked with my Professor and students to create the Kolot Chayeinu Oral History Project. 

Career Champion: Professor Lana Povitz in the history department has been the world’s best academic advisor. She has gone above and beyond for me— providing me with ample research opportunities, course guidance, and giving honest feedback about graduate school and the application process. I would not have been able to do it without her!

Blaise Siefer 2023.5

Blaise Siefer ‘23.5


Major(s): Sociology
Minor(s): Spanish

Post-grad Plan: This summer, I will be interning for World Data Lab (WDL), a data enterprise in Vienna, Austria. As a Marketing & Communications intern, I will help WDL communicate the importance and efficacy of its product line to clients and manage the company’s social media presence.

Influence of Major on Professional Development: As a Sociology major, I learned how to distill complex information into digestible written copy. This will come handy this summer as I take complex data points and turn it into content that WDL’s audience can understand.

Role of CCI in Post-grad Planning: I learned many skills through the CCI, particularly how to use LinkedIn and Handshake to identify alumni at companies of interest. While that didn’t necessarily lead me to my upcoming internship, it has and will continue to be useful in my job search process. Shoutout to Alicia Gomez at CCI, who has been hugely helpful, in particular, the past four years!

Career Champion: Greg Conrad! I really appreciate Greg’s outlook on young professional life. He stresses the importance of finding a job that will teach you a lot, as opposed to maybe one that will pay you the best. I had the pleasure of working under Greg while interning for MiddCORE and have since turned to him for career advice. 

Angela Izi Nkusi 2024

Angela Izi Nkusi ‘24


Major(s): International and Global Studies/Global Environmental Change

Post-grad Plan: I will be attending a master’s program at Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS) in Monterey, California, pursuing a 2-year degree in environmental policy and management.

Influence of Major on Professional Development: Studying International Global Studies (IGS) has ignited my passion for international affairs, particularly in combating climate change worldwide. The focus on International Global Environmental Change (IGEC) has provided me with profound insights and analytical skills crucial for addressing the climate crisis. It has underscored the importance of prioritizing marginalized communities in developing strategies for both environmental sustainability and social equity.

Role of CCI in Post-grad Planning: CCI-organized events with Middlebury alumni were instrumental in broadening my knowledge about careers to pursue after college. These events were not only valuable learning experiences but also great opportunities for building professional networks that could support and guide me throughout my career journey.

Career Champion: Faculty members, such as my professors and thesis advisors, taught me a great deal throughout my time at Middlebury and their insights deepened my passion for addressing the world’s most crucial problem—climate change. Middlebury alumni further ignited this interest, exposing me to various career opportunities I can pursue in the climate field.

Kyle Matthys 2024

Kyle Matthys ‘24


Major(s): Economics and Environmental Policy

Post-grad Plan: I will be joining Turtle as a Sustainability Associate. In this role, I will help build the sustainability team alongside the Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) and contribute to the company’s 5-year sustainability shift, focusing on supplying electrical equipment for sustainable solutions. Additionally, I will represent Turtle at major climate conferences worldwide and help expand their venture arm to develop new solutions.

Influence of Major on Professional Development: Studying at the intersection of economics and sustainability has equipped me with the skills to model, articulate, and enhance the socio-economic benefits of decarbonization across the value chain.

Role of CCI in Post-grad Planning: Although CCI did not directly influence my post-grad planning, they recommended reaching out to alumni, which helped me build valuable connections. I’m looking forward to utilizing CCI resources when hiring future Middlebury graduates for Turtle’s sustainability team.

Career Champion: My marketing bosses have been instrumental in my career development, each one championing my growth and ambition. From working at a local utility company to engaging in offshore wind policy, and from a cooling startup to a battery startup, each marketing lead has encouraged me to develop my personal brand while supporting the company at large. Their support and encouragement have been crucial in advancing my career to this next stage.

Aine Powers '24

Aine Powers ‘24


Major(s): History of Art and International and Global Studies (Global Security Studies)

Post-grad Plan: This summer, I will be working as a Curatorial Intern at the Guggenheim in New York City. In the fall, I will join Tulane University’s art history department as a master’s student and teaching assistant. 

Influence of Major on Professional Development: Majoring in art history revealed my passion for the field, while my second major in International and Global Studies has continuously informed my interest in political art. 

Role of CCI in Post-grad Planning: The CCI helped me secure two key summer positions—a research fellowship at Special Collections and a curatorial internship at the Hall Art Foundation—that provided a strong professional foundation. Additionally, I consulted CCI for guidance on my grad school search and personal statement.

Career Champion: My art history professors have offered nonstop support throughout the years, assisting with thesis work, career exploration, grad applications, and any other help I needed.

Samia Sami '24

Samia Sami ‘24

Pronouns: Any

Major(s): Neuroscience
Minor(s): Dance

Post-grad Plan: I will work as a Research Assistant at Professor Ackerman’s Lab at the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College. I will conduct tests and studies in engineering vaccines and antibodies for diseases such as HIV, Polio, and Influenza.

Influence of Major on Professional Development: My interest and curiosity in neuroscience, combined with the supportive environment of the department, have led me to pursue research as a profession. I plan to continue my higher studies in this field.

Resume Help: Ugo Iroh ‘24, a classmate and Research Assistant at Middlebury, reviewed my CV and helped with my resume. It was immensely helpful!

Career Champions: 

  • Clinton Cave- My advisor, mentor, and research professor 
  • Peter Ryan- Posse Mentor and friend 
  • Megan Brakeley- Knoll Internship Supervisor, mentor, and friend 
  • Nancy Petersons- Staff and friend 
  • Maggie Ryan- Mentor and friend 
  • Laurel Jenkins- Dance professor and mentor 
  • Kimberly Marshall- Davis Family Library Supervisor
  • Rachel Fickes- Davis Family Library Supervisor and Friend
  • …and many more
Jack Torpey '24

Jack Torpey ‘24

Pronouns: He/Him

Major(s): English
Minor(s): Film and Media Culture

Post-grad Plan: I will be working as a Client Services Associate at AlphaSights, an expert network service provider that connects consulting and finance clients with industry professionals who possess the expertise they need to make sound business and investment decisions. In this role, I will be responsible for receiving clients’ requests, identifying the best experts for projects, and facilitating client-expert interactions.

Influence of Major on Professional Development: Studying English at Middlebury allowed me to develop the critical thinking and communication skills vital for success in any business role. My job at AlphaSights will require me to constantly think about how to best solve my clients’ problems and communicate my ideas in verbal and written form. Believe it or not, reading and writing about Hemingway has prepared me well for this work.

Career Advice: Use Handshake! The CCI is constantly updating the site with amazing events and job postings. It’s how I discovered AlphaSights, and I’m sure there are countless other graduates who would say that using Handshake was an important part of their career preparation.

Career Champions: My mom and dad are my career champions. They supported me every step of the way throughout college and always encouraged me to pursue what would make me happy and fulfilled.

Ellie Suit '24

Elizabeth “Ellie” Suit ‘24

Pronouns: She/Her

Major(s): Physics
Minor(s): Computer Science and Math

Post-grad Plan:
I will be pursuing a Fulbright fellowship followed by a physics PhD at CU Boulder. During my Fulbright fellowship in Belgium, I plan to conduct research in theoretical atomic physics with a group at Antwerp University and collaborate with experimental partners in Ghent. I am also excited to immerse myself in the community by starting an international pen pal program between Middlebury’s Page One Literacy Project and local Belgian elementary schools. After this year abroad, I will continue my studies at CU Boulder, focusing on atomic physics research for my PhD.

Influence of Major on Professional Development:
As a physics major, I have had the opportunity to take classes and engage in research that exposed me to a wide array of concepts and applications. Physics captivates my interest, and I believe the problem-solving skills and knowledge I’ve gained are crucial for the growing field of technology. I hope to pursue a career in quantum technology after graduating from CU Boulder, applying the skills I began to develop at Middlebury.

Career Advice:
My guidance for post-grad planning came primarily from Dean Lisa Gates at the CTLR for the Fulbright fellowship and from Prof. Chris Herdman for graduate school applications.

Career Champions:
Prof. Chris Herdman is absolutely my Career Champion. As my academic and research advisor, he has guided me through the academic and research processes necessary to seize these opportunities. Our conversations over the years about summer opportunities and post-grad plans ignited my passion for research and influenced my decision to apply to physics PhD programs. He helped me choose the best schools for my interests and supported me through the decision-making process after receiving offers. I wouldn’t be where I am today without his mentorship and guidance.

Susanna Schatz '24

Susanna Schatz ‘24

Pronouns: She/Her

Major(s): Physics
Minor(s): Computer Science and Math

Post-grad Plan: I will be working as a Litigation Paralegal at Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP, where I will assist attorneys in court, prepare exhibits, pleadings, and other court materials.

Influence of Major on Professional Development: Studying English at Middlebury developed my love for language, which, combined with classes from other departments, sparked my interest in law. I am fascinated by how language is used to define societal boundaries and the creativity involved in crafting legal arguments. I look forward to applying the reading, writing, and research skills I gained through my English degree to the legal field, focusing on precision and persuasion.

Role of CCI in Post-grad Planning: The CCI helped me put my resume together and search for internship and job opportunities. Early in my time at Middlebury, I worked with advisors at the CCI and secured an internship partially funded by them, which I continued through my senior year, gaining valuable skills and experience. At the beginning of my senior year, I received advising from the CCI on writing cover letters, which was very helpful in my job applications.

Career Champions: I have two prominent Career Champions. First, my mom, who majored in English in college and later earned her law degree. She has been a career inspiration and a monumental support throughout my education, job search, and interview process. Second, Middlebury alumna Lily Jones ‘23 has been extremely helpful in my job search. Currently working as a Litigation Paralegal at Cravath, she gave me great advice on applying to paralegal positions and shared her experiences, helping me figure out which roles I am interested in.