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Our Staff

Peggy Burns
Director, Center for Careers & Internships
Adirondack House 211
802.443.3450 | 

Professional and Career Development
(Please visit our Advisers Page for more information on the advising team).

Ursula Olender
Adirondack House 201
Tracy Himmel Isham
Associate Director
Adirondack House 104

Cheryl Whitney Lower
Associate Director
Adirondack House 204
802.443.5798 |

Tim Mosehauer
Associate Director
Adirondack House 203
802.443.5105  |
Susan Walker
Associate Director
Adirondack House 202
802.443.5407 |

Health Professions & STEM

Mary Lothrop
Director, Health Professions & STEM Advising
Adirondack House 112
802.443.5077 |
Nicole Veilleux
Health Professions & STEM Coordinator
Adirondack House 216
802.443.2455 |
Hannah Benz
Health Professions & STEM Research Adviser
Adirondack House 111
802.443.5804 |

Employer Outreach and Development

Jeffrey Sawyer
Adirondack House 110
802.443.5953  |
Becky Quesnel
Operations Manager
Adirondack House 220
802.443.2485  |
Rachel Connor
Employer Relations & Event Coordinator
Adirondack House 210
802.443.5546  |

Academic Outreach and Special Projects

Amy McGlashan
Adirondack House 206
802.443.5103 |
Brian Lacharite
Communications & Program Specialist
Adirondack House 108
802.443.5366 |
Our Values

To best support our mission, we identify the important values below to guide our work with our colleagues at CCI and with our many stakeholders--students, alumni, parents, community partners, employers, internship providers, staff and faculty.

Effectiveness: We pursue successful outcomes, measured in quantitative and qualitative dimensions, and engage in an ongoing process of evaluation.

Inclusivity: We are committed to providing full access to information, opportunities and resources and seek to reach out to our broad and diverse community.

Innovation: We support creative thinking about engaging the world and challenge ourselves to think boldly in designing new approaches to our work.

Learning: We foster the continuous process of personal growth and empowerment through reflection and self-awareness.

Relationships: We recognize that collaboration and understanding are essential to positive, respectful relationships and to success.

Responsiveness: We strive to be a nimble and flexible center, providing quality advising, programming and resources to effectively address the evolving needs of our stakeholders.

Our Mission
We prepare students to translate their Middlebury experience into successful pursuit of their post-graduate goals.

Center for Careers & Internships

Center for Careers and Internships
Middlebury College
Middlebury, Vermont, 05753
Phone: (802) 443-5100