Middlebury FoodWorks

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Middlebury's signature internship program for students interested in local food and sustainable development 

 26 Middlebury students are participating in FoodWorks, a nine-week competitive paid internship program - with housing - centered on the different aspects of a local food system and currently operating in Louisville and Vermont.

Students are working in city and state government, business and retail, publishing and marketing,  non-profits, and on farms.  Issues being addressed include  microenterprise and economic development; education, health,and  nutrition; food production, processing,  and distribution; food access, safety and security; food equity and social justice; sustainable agriculture; and food policy.

What is Middlebury FoodWorks?

FoodWorks is a cohort internship program for Middlebury College students interested in local food and sustainable development.  Its mission is to provide summer internship opportunities that enhance student learning and engagement in food studies.

Each student works four days a week in an internship focused on a different aspect relating to local food. On the fifth day, students participate together in a curriculum designed to meet targeted learning objectives on sustainable agriculture and ecology; food systems; community and economic development; nutrition and health; and other topics such as food security and justice, policy, culture and traditions.  

In addition to the 5th day component, students have formal and informal opportunities to engage in the community around food, further reinforcing and integrating the learning throughout their summer. 

Middlebury FoodWorks was piloted in Louisville last summer and expanded to include our Vermont partners in 2013.  Middlebury FoodWorks is a program sponsored by the Center for Careers and Internships, Office of Academic Affairs, and the Organic Farm (MCOF).


  • Meaningful four-day/week internships with a company or organization working on developing the local food economy in Louisville and in and around Addison County, Vermont.
  • Minimum-wage based stipend for 9 weeks of work. The program dates are from Monday, June 3 to Friday, August 2, 2013.
  • High content "Fifth Day" presentations and projects relating to the local food system and economic development.*
  • Mentoring by Middlebury alumni and parents.
  • Profound personal engagement among interns, members of the local food sector, and the community.

Benefits to Middlebury students

  • Paid internship opportunity, with housing provided
  • The chance to touch, taste and work with all aspects of the local food movement.
  • A comprehensive view of the local food system and its role in urban and rural economic development, including direct contact with movers and shakers in the field.
  • Peer connections as students live and work together on Fifth Day projects.
  • An on-line component that allows FoodWorks interns to connect across sites and compare their rural and urban food systems experiences.

Questions? Contact Amy McGlashan at CCI, x5103.