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Internship Search—Working in the Common Good

Internships are an excellent way to explore a particular career field and to develop skills that enhance your experience and demonstrate commitment to an issue or area. Particularly in the nonprofit sector, internships are often the best way to get your foot in the door of an organization or industry.

  • Sign up on MOJO to receive information on internships in the Common Good, in areas that interest you.
  • Update your MOJO profile by selecting industries that interest you. CCG is an interest area that spans across most industries—from finance, to education, to environmental concerns. MOJO allows you to personalize your internship search.
Job Search—Working in the Common Good
  • Participate in the CCI/Career Services Job Search and Recruiting program. Stay informed about deadlines and attend information sessions and workshops offered on campus. Also apply to the Off-Campus Recruiting events in Boston, New York, and Washington, D.C., where many CCG-type jobs are featured.
  • Keep your MOJO profile updated to reflect your current interests and to receive information on events, information sessions, and jobs opportunities specific to your interests.
  • Research and learn about what you will encounter during a nonprofit job search. Here are some especially good resources to help you learn what to look for, narrow your search, and make sense of the vocabulary surrounding the CCG field:

BeBold: Create a career with an impact. This site has resources that unleash the talents of many who have solved the world’s biggest problems.

Idealist Career Center Resource Guides: Area-specific guides and career advice include information about international jobs, public service jobs, and nonprofit resources.

Idealist Guide to Nonprofit Careers for First-Time Job Seekers: A comprehensive resource that provides job seekers with extensive information about the job-search process, with a focus on nonprofit careers. From tips on how to search for a job to hints about writing resumes and cover letters, this is one resource not to miss!

Net Impact: Six Steps to Job Search Success: Want to do good work? Then say goodbye to the conventional job search. These days, finding a job that makes a difference is all about getting smart. Sure, good jobs don't grow on trees, but when you are clear about what you want, they're a lot easier to find.

Public Service Graduate Education Resource Center: A service of that maintains a graduate school resource center and connects you with educational options relevant to your career in public service.

  • Register for related sites: If you are serious about finding a job in the Common Good, create a profile on the many websites devoted to Careers in the Common Good in order to expand your vision and to find research opportunities. Links to many of the best sites are found on our CGG blog.

Careers in the Common Good / CCG

The Careers in the Common Good program (CCG) supports Middlebury students and alumni who are interested in pursuing careers that promote social responsibility.

This builds upon a long tradition that has been fostered by the College—from the first Peace Corps volunteers who served in the early 1960s, to the alumni who founded and led organizations such as Seeds of Peace, Save the Children,, and the Alliance for Climate Education, to the very active and engaged students on campus today who are affiliated with mission-driven organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Relay for Life, the John Graham Shelter, and the Volunteer Services Organization.

Check out the CCG blog

Stay informed about the skills needed for a job search in the nonprofit sector, internship and job opportunities, and many events that are hosted on campus each semester. The CCG blog is targeted towards those with social and environmental interests.

Indicate your CCG interest on your MOJO profile

If you would like to receive periodic updates from CCG, particularly about internships and jobs in specific career sectors, sign up on your MOJO profile:

  • Select Careers in the Common Good in the "Tell me more about" section of your profile.
  • Select industries, locations, and skills that align with your interest in the Common Good.
  • Whether you’re a first-year student or a senior, don’t forget to update your MOJO profile, as your interests may have changed during your time at Middlebury.
Explore Careers in the Common Good

Here are some great resources and advice specific to a job /internship search in the Common Good:

  • Resume—Sample for Nonprofits : A resume sample that communicates the diverse experiences that a student might engage in during their years at Middlebury, including academic and co-curricular experiences.
  • Career Advising: Come in to talk with a career adviser in CCI for support in developing a strategy that will help guide you towards a life of social change.
  • Spotlight on Careers: An excellent resource containing guides in a multitude of career fields. It will help you understand the organizational structure of industries so you can find the right fit for your interests and experiences, and it includes many internship and job links.

Open the sections below for more information and advice:
Fellowships and Scholarships

Fellowship and scholarship programs provide students with competitive, paid, postgraduate opportunities that aim to cultivate leaders in social justice and other CCG areas. Here are some ways to connect to these opportunities, both on and off campus: