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What Can I Do With My Major?

As a liberal arts student, you have the widest possible range of career options open to you, due to the liberal arts core professional competencies you develop during your college education. Tap into the many resources listed here to gain more information and self-knowledge:

Career Advising

Our career advisers are available to meet with you at any point during your four years at Middlebury to discuss how your choice of major relates to career opportunities. Come in to see us during drop-in hours or call to schedule an advising appointment.


Search MiddNet to see the career paths taken by various alumni who graduated with majors in the full range of disciplines here at Midd.

List of Majors and Career Paths

The What Can I Do With This Major? chart is a good working list of typical career paths for a wide variety of majors. (This resource was developed by the University of Tennessee and is provided with permission.)

Career Conversations

As part of the Career Conversation series, Midd alumni and other professionals come to campus to share their stories about how they got from college to their first jobs. These are scheduled throughout the year, so check the CCI events calendar often and plan to attend one or more of the sessions to meet and chat informally with these presenters. 

Industry-Specific Career Panels

Throughout the year, we offer career panels in specific industries or career fields. These are great opportunities to hear from "insiders," most of whom are Midd alumni, about working in a particular field or occupation. Panels offered in previous years have included: Careers in the Common Good, Careers in Education, Marketing and Advertising, Marketing in the Nonprofit Sector, Wall Street 101, Finance, Public Service Careers, Careers in the Arts, Health Professions, Working in the Law Field, Consulting Careers, and more. Check the CCI events calendar often for dates and details.

Core Professional Competencies

As you apply for internships and postgraduate jobs, you will certainly want to highlight the many transferable skills you've acquired as a liberal arts student—through your academics and through your on-campus and off-campus experiences. Leadership, communication, and research and analytical skills, for example, are highly valued by employers. Refer to this list of liberal arts core professional competencies  to become familiar with the competencies you should seek to develop and then highlight on your resume. 

Spotlight on Careers

Spotlight on Careers is a collection of valuable resources and information that illustrates the types of jobs in different industries where liberal arts graduates tend to be successful.