COVID-19 Updates: Fall Semester

Friday, January 15, 1:30-7:30 p.m.
Saturday, January 16, 9:00-11:00 a.m.

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Explore with alumni and faculty how to connect your liberal arts learning to life's possibilities!

This January, join us and your peers for the second annual sophomore conference, Preparation and Possibilities: On Leading a Liberal Arts Life.

The Sophomore Conference 2016 is designed to help you transition into your newly selected major and help you think about the myriad destinations where your major might take you! You'll have a chance to attend panels with alumni, organized around your major, as well as meet with them regarding your career interests over breakfast roundtables. Questions to explore might include:

  • How does someone with a literature major go into the world of law?
  • What options are there for a science major other than medical school?
  • How have alumni with majors similar to yours created lives and careers that are meaningful?

A keynote address titled "Wondering How to Make the World a Better Place? Your Liberal Arts Education Will Come in Supremely Handy" will be delivered by Nínive Calegari '93, co-founder (along with Dave Eggers) of 826 National, and currently the president of The Teacher Salary Project, an organization working to address the national policies of undervaluing and underpaying America’s most important job: public school teachers. Check out Calegari's full biography.

Other features include: workshops, departmental meetings, and a gala reception/dinner. Check out the full schedule below.

For a digital copy of the program, download here. (.pdf)

For anyone unable to attend we will be livestreaming the keynote address 

Meet our returning alumni in the biographies page.

Sponsored by the Commons, Academic Affairs, the SGA Ad-Hoc Committee for CCI-Student Relations, and the Center for Careers & Internships.

There is still time to register here!  Register for Breakfast Roundtable topics here.

   Friday, January 15, 1:30-7:30 p.m. 
   Saturday, January 16, 9:00-11:00 a.m.

Full Schedule

Friday, January 15

1:30-2:30 p.m.

Welcome to Your Major!

Departmental Meetings for New Majors
Refreshments provided in Axinn and BiHall.

The following departments will be holding meetings. Time and rooms to follow: 

  • Biology (MBH 303)
  • Chemistry & Biochemistry (MBH 538)
  • Chinese (AXN History Conf. Room 336)
  • Classics & Classical Studies (Twilight Common Room 2nd Floor)
  • Computer Science (MBH 338)
  • Dance (AXN Abernethy)
  • Economics (Hillcrest 103)
  • English & American Literatures (AXN 219)
  • Environmental Studies (Mar 22, Hillcrest, TBA)
  • Geography (MBH 331)
  • History (AXN 103)
  • History of Art & Architecture (MCA 126)
  • International & Global Studies (AXN 220)
  • Literary Studies (AXN AMST Conf. Room 242)
  • Mathematics (MBH 219)
  • Molecular Biology & Biochemistry (MBH 438)
  • Music (AXN ENAM Conf. Room 3rd floor)
  • Political Science (AXN 229)
  • Psychology (MBH L6E)

Various Breakout Rooms. 

2:45-4:15 p.m.

Making the Most of Your Time at Middlebury
These planning and development workshops will be organized around your life as a sophomore. There are two workshop blocks. Choose one 40-minute workshop to attend from each block or visit the Drop-In hours to get your questions answered.

Co-sponsored by the SGA Ad-Hoc Committee on CCI-Student Relations.

Breakout Rooms in Axinn

2:45-3:25 p.m. Workshop Block #1— Axinn
Speaking Out Loud: How To Do It: Axinn 219
Facilitated by Claudia Huerta '18, Middlebury Women Leaders and Alex Brockelman '18, Oratory Now

Feel uncomfortable speaking in public settings?  Don’t feel like you have your personal voice?  Come broaden your public speaking experience in a low-pressure, high-fun, student-driven workshop led by Middlebury Women Leaders and Oratory Now.  In this 40 minute workshop we will work on strengthening comfort and proficiency in a variety of different speaking contexts, from participation in class to high-profile speeches, with a holistic approach to “freeing” our voices.

“Who Am I?” Self-Assessment Resources for Sophomores at CCI: Axinn 220 Facilitated by Susan Walker, Associate Director, Professional and Career Development, Center for Careers & Internships

Wondering what career choices will suit you best? Learn about CCI’s personality, interest, and values assessment tools, including TypeFocus, Pymetrics, and CareerFinder, and how they can open up new levels of understanding and new options for you.

Finding or Creating Your Summer Internship: Axinn 229
Facilitated by Peggy Burns, Director, Center for Careers & Internships

One of the most exciting chapters of your Middlebury experience can be participating in an internship. An internship provides an opportunity to explore your interests, apply your liberal arts learning, and gain real-world experience. Wheter you are following a personal passion, connecting your academic work, or hoping to confirm your interest in a particular career path, CCI is here to help. This workshop will provide advice on gaining focus for your summer plans, tips on finding an internship, and how to navigate the summer internship funding process.

Global Learning and Citizenship: Axinn Abernethy Room
Facilitated by Baishakhi Taylor, Dean of Students; Lecturer, Department of Sociology/Anthropology

In June 2015, The Atlantic published findings from All State/National Journal Heartland Monitor stating that "against a backdrop of tumultuous economic and demographic change, younger Americans are drawing a new 21st-century road map to success.”  So where will your road map take you after college? In today’s interconnected world, your professional and personal journey will force you to engage with people and communities very different from your own. How do you best engage with people with different beliefs, practices, and cultures? In this workshop, join in an interactive session on using cultural intelligence and avoiding implicit biases, and learn to develop a global road map of success for yourself. Please bring your laptop to the session, if possible.

Drop-In Hours: Axinn Reading Room
Staff from the Center for Careers & Internships; Community Engagement; International Programs & Off-Campus Study; Fellowships & Undergraduate Research

Have a quick question or want more information about internships, resumes, volunteer opportunities, study abroad, fellowships, and more? Drop by to talk with us.

Breakout Rooms in Axinn

3:35-4:15 p.m.

Workshop Block #2 — Axinn

Heart + Head = Hustle: Driving Interests and Passions to Action Axinn 219
Facilitated by: Tracy Himmel-Isham, Associate Director for Social Impact Careers, Center for Careers & Internships

Find ways to work from both your heart (addressing the issues that most move you) and your head (using your unique gifts) while collapsing the divisions between these two aspects of yourself in your work and engaged activities as often as possible. Come up with a commitment to taking action towards your "hustle" in the weeks that follow.

Why I Wouldn’t Call It Sophomore Slump: Axinn 220
Facilitated by Gary Margolis, Emeritus Director of Counseling and Poet

In this workshop we will discuss some of the developmental challenges and opportunities second year college students experience: emotionally, existentially and practically. Come learn about the “why’s” and the “how’s” of understanding and navigating your sophomore year. 

Getting Started: Introduction to CCI Tools and Resources: Axinn 229
Facilitated by: Tim Mosehauer, Associate Director , Professional and Career Development, Center for Careers & Internships

MOJO, MiddNet, LACN, resumes, cover letters, interviewing, Pymetrics, TypeFocus, CCG, Quick Questions, internships, HP & STEM and funding.  What does it all mean?   Come get a quick overview in a fun and pressure-free environment to point you in the right direction.  All questions welcome, nothing too silly or outrageous, bring your curiosity and be ready to walk away with some clarity and actions about what to do next.  

Telling your Whole Story: Axinn Abernethy Room
Facilitated by Amanda Reinhardt, Assistant Director of Orientation, Student Activities

For most, the Middlebury experience goes beyond the formal walls of the classroom. During this workshop you will reflect on the learning experiences you’ve had outside of the classroom.  Whether its student organization participation and leadership, volunteering, on-campus jobs or others, we’ll talk about how to translate your experiences and passions to skills you can highlight, as well as other ways to develop additional skills and knowledge during your time at Middlebury. 

Drop-In Hours: Axinn Reading Room

Staff from the Center for Careers & Internships; Community Engagement; International Programs & Off-Campus Study; Fellowships & Undergraduate Research

Have a quick question or want more information about internships, resumes, volunteer opportunities, study abroad, fellowships, and more? Drop by to talk with us.


Breakout Rooms in Axinn

4:30 p.m.

Welcome and Keynote Address

Allison Stanger, Russell Leng '60 Professor of International Politics & Economics

Wondering How to Make the World a Better Place? Your Liberal Arts Education Will Come in Supremely Handy
Nínive Calegari '93,
Co-Founder and Former CEO of 826 National, Founder and CEO, The Teacher Salary Project, and Paperclip Consultants

Full biography can be found here

Peggy Burns, Director, Center for Careers & Internships

Dana Auditorium

5:00 p.m. Transition and Refreshments
Head to your breakout groups by major. Refreshments provided.

Axinn Winter Garden & BiHall Great Hall

5:15-6:15 p.m.

Where Might Your Middlebury Education Take You: An Alumni/Student Exchange 

Check out alumni bios of who is visiting!

  • Languages, Cultures, and Literatures (Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese Studies, Russian, and Spanish)—Axinn 104
  • The Humanities (American Studies, Classics/Classical Studies, History, History of Art and Architecture, Philosophy, and Religion)—Axinn 219
  • The Arts and Media Culture (Dance, Film & Media Culture, Music, Studio Art, and Theatre)—Axinn 220
  • Geography, Environmental Studies, International & Global Studies—Axinn 229
  • Economics and International Politics (Economics and International Politics & Economics)—MBH 216
  • Social Sciences (Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology/Anthropology)—MBH 219
  • STEM I (Biology, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, and Neuroscience)—MBH 220
  • STEM II (Computer Science, Geology, Mathematics, and Physics)—MBH 303
  • The Study of Literatures (English & American Literatures, Comparative Literatures, and Literary Studies)—MBH 338

Each moderated panel will consist of alumni split by majors or divisions. Students will engage in conversations with alumni about their newly chosen major and all of the opportunities available to them. 

Breakout Rooms in Axinn and Bicentennial Hall
6:30-7:30 p.m.

Gala Reception & Dinner
A reception will follow the main event with delicious hors d' oeuvres, dinner, and opportunities for informal networking with visiting alums, faculty, staff, and your peers.

Dining Hall 

Saturday, January 16

9:00-11:00 a.m.

Roundtable Discussions with Visiting Alumni Over Breakfast
Interested students will have another opportunity for 20-30 minute informal discussions with alumni over breakfast. Tables will be arranged by career areas.  Please choose which topics you would like to attend here.

Arts and Arts
Community Health
Education (other than teaching)
Environmental Research
Food and Agriculture
Geography/Geospatial Data Services
Higher Ed/student development
International Economic Development
Law and Government
Marketing and Communications
Mission-driven (non-profit) leadership
Museums and Galleries
Organizational Development
Public Health/Health Policy
Software/IT Web/Information
What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do
Writing and Publishing