Match Corps: Math Pioneers

Applicant Class Year: 
Minimum GPA: 
Field(s) of Interest: 
International / Languages
Natural Sciences
Time of Opportunity: 
North America
Funding Type: 
Scholarships / Fellowships
Funding Source: 
Externally-funded opportunity
International Students Eligible?: 
Yes – Opportunity has no citizenship restrictions

Tutors work in the Lawrence Public School District, grades 9 and 10, and play a significant role in transforming these chronically failing high schools. Fellows in Lawrence focus on math only (mostly algebra and geometry) and work during the school day with two students at a time for five periods a day. Each fellow will have a personal caseload of 12 students all year long and will build personal and meaningful relationships with urban students and their families. Fellows work for the District and will be on the District’s payroll receiving a modest living stipend of $16,000 ($1,454 per month, for 11 months). Fellows who have a verified Spanish oral proficiency will receive $16,500.