Meet Your CCI Advisors

CCI Advisors are here to help you select a major, look for a summer internship, evaluate career possibilities, apply to graduate school, or look for a job. While each advisor focuses on specific industries or fields, all of our advisors are well equipped to get you started in your own search process.

Current students may schedule a 30-minute appointment after reviewing the advisor profiles below, then choosing a time in the scheduling tool in MOJO

Alumni may e-mail or call the advisor directly to set up an appointment.

Tracy Himmel Isham

Career Advisor (on-leave until September 2017)

Associate Director, Professional & Career Development

 Careers in the Common Good, Environment & Energy, International Development, Social Entrepreneurship & Corporate Social Responsibility

Cheryl Whitney Lower

Career Advisor

Associate Director, Internships & Early Engagement

 Adirondack House 204

Ursula Olender

Career Advisor

Director, Career Advising

 Adirondack House 201
 Finance, Consulting, Business, Entrepreneurship

Tim Mosehauer

Career Advisor

Associate Director, Professional & Career Development

 Adirondack House 203
 Government, Law, Public Policy, Communications, Media, and Entertainment

Hannah Benz

Career Advisor

Assistant Director, Health Professions & STEM

 Adirondack House 111
 Health Professions and STEM Fields

Susan Walker

Career Adviser

Associate Director, Professional & Career Development

 The Arts and Foreign Languages

Mary Lothrop

Career Advisor

Director, Health Professions & STEM Advising

 Adirondack House 112
 Health Professions and STEM Fields