Tim Mosehauer

Internship & Career Advisor

Associate Director, Career Advising

 work(802) 443-5105
 Adirondack House 203
 Consulting, Government, Law, and Public Policy

Tim Mosehauer (Associate Director, Career Advising) shares his professional background, tips and tricks for students, and some personal stories below! 


My advising philosophy:

I am an energetic, positive, and action-oriented person. I like to meet you where you are, whether just starting or pretty far along in your career exploration. I’ve always enjoyed helping students connect the dots to their learning and their passions. I aim to help you grow but also let you take ownership, ensuring that you are utilizing all of the resources available.  I am here to help you explore your options, assess what is best, so you can achieve your potential.

Come see me if... 

 I am a person who can help you with your questions related to careers in government and law. Are you interested in federal or executive agencies like the CIA, FBI, or the State Department? How about state-level agencies, or local government? Do you have a passion for a public issue you care about, and are interested in getting paid for it? We can talk about think tanks, lobbying organizations, or working on a campaign. What if you’re wondering if law school is for you? Do you want to take a year or two off?  We can talk about what you can you do in the interim.

How did you get to Midd, Tim?

I like to think of myself as a college student affairs professional, who just happens to be in career counseling.  Not the other way around. I attended the College of William and Mary in Virginia, where I majored in Biology and Psychology. Throughout college I was involved in lots of student life initiatives in the residence halls and campus community. Afterward, I spent a year as an AmeriCorps*VISTA with the Massachusetts Campus Compact, working closely with a number of college civic engagement programs. I received my master’s in Higher Education Administration from Boston College.  I’ve been lucky to sail on two large ships around the world on unique programs called Semester at Sea and the Ship for World Youth. My wife and I have been in Vermont and I started working at Midd in 2007 after spending a sabbatical/honeymoon year living and traveling in New Zealand. 

What's the most rewarding aspect of your role at Middlebury? 

I really like seeing how students move from one point to another. I’ve been lucky enough to see students graduate and find employment through some small or large part that I’ve played. It's also very rewarding to reconnect with alums, see where they are, and reflect on how far they've come. Middlebury students are really talented, but there is sometimes a fear of what is to come after college—I find it rewarding to help them discover those next steps and allay some fears along the way while showing them that it can be an exciting journey as well.

"It’s also very rewarding to reconnect with alums, see where they are, and reflect on how far they’ve come."

What is professional crossroad or misstep you faced in your professional career, and how do you reflect on it now? 

When I was in graduate school, interning at the MIT Career Center, I delivered a workshop to a roomful of students to whom I was not that much older at the time. I eventually said something that got a really negative reaction from a particular faculty member in the audience, who I did not know was there.  Very embarrassing! Looking back on it now, I can truly say that the takeaway lesson there was to know your audience. People always bring different views, and it’s something important to keep in mind. 

Wisdom you want all Middlebury students to know, in six words or less:

Serendipity- lure chance out of hiding.

Your alter ego spends his day as...

A professional soccer player.


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