Mary Lothrop

Career & Professional School Advising

Director, Health Professions & STEM Advising

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 Adirondack House 112
 Health Professions and STEM Fields

Mary Lothrop (Director, Health Professions & STEM Advising) shares her background before Middlebury, what career information she can provide for students, and some words of wisdom below!

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My advising philosophy:

As an advisor, I have the pleasure of helping guide students toward realizing their goals, while also sharing my own experience and insights to hopefully make their journey a little bit easier.

I view the role of an advisor as being equal parts coach and cheerleader.

Come see me if...

you have an interest in health professions and STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and math).

…or if you want to chat about your love of cereal, athletics, the outdoors, sports nutrition, or brain teasers. I LOVE brain teasers!

How did you get to Midd, Mary? 

I went to graduate school at Dartmouth and my husband went to UVM, after which we built a house and settled down in Huntington with our 2 kids (Mason (7) and Isla (5 ½)) and our dog Cyrus. I wanted to be able to put my experiences as a student athlete and my background in science and allied health advising to use, so Middlebury was a really great fit for me.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your role at Middlebury?

The personal relationships I get to have with students, faculty, staff, and community partners - I love getting to know people’s stories. And I get to come to a beautiful campus each day and work with truly extraordinary people.

What are some of the most interesting or fitting jobs you’ve helped students apply for?

I‘ve gotten to work with students and alumni applying for positions like Apple Genius (what a cool name!), Researcher in the field of Nuclear Medicine, and Intelligence Analyst. That sort of stuff fascinates me.

Wisdom you want all Middlebury students to know, in six words or less:

Always know who your team is.

(We don’t do anything in a vacuum – at least not as well or with as many laughs.)

"Always know who your team is."

An anonymous donor is paying for all your expenses to live abroad for a year. You must leave immediately, and packing is not an option. Where do you go, and why?

Honestly, I’d say ‘Thanks for the offer, but I’m right where I want to be.’ (I’m also not very spontaneous).

But if I got to pick somewhere to visit, I think it would probably have to be Scotland: A lot of my ancestors are from there… it’s beautiful with lots of scenery and wildlife… and who could pass up a chance to see ‘Nessie,’ the legendary Loch Ness Monster?!

Your alter ego spends her time as…

a rowing coach or a ‘fixer.’ (I like to find solutions to problems.)


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