Cheryl Whitney Lower

Internship & Career Advisor

Associate Director, Internships & Early Engagement

 work(802) 443-5798
 Adirondack House 206

Cheryl Whitney Lower (Associate Director) shares helpful information for students, some personal stories, and her extensive professional experience below!

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My advising philosophy:

Wherever you are in your planning process is where you are, and that’s fine.  I’m here to work with you on your next steps—whether that is finding an internship to explore your interests, gain experience, and apply your liberal arts learning out in the wider world or whether you have general questions about applying for a Winter Term internship for credit or applying for summer internship funding. Try not to compare yourself to others in their quest for experience because they are on a different path.  I want to hear your story and help you discover what it is best for you, regardless of what outside expectations there might be—from society, from family, from those around you. In your journey through the liberal arts, you are developing your own unique set of knowledge, skills, and talents and you have so much to contribute.  I look forward to supporting you as you explore and plan.

Come see me if...

You want to know more about internships -- what they are, how you find one, how to get them funded.  We encourage you to make appointments with the CCI advisor that falls into your interest areas (i.e. Tim Mosehauser for law, policy, and governance) as each of the CCI advisors can give you more targeted advice about internships in their specialty area.  But feel free to also talk to me if you are undecided or just have questions in general.  You can also come to me if you have questions about how to apply for a Winter Term internship for credit or for summer funding of your internship or self-directed project. I’m also particularly interested in talking with sophomores about the big decisions you face this year and how those decisions might or might not relate to your future.

Most of my professional experience has been in the field of student development in higher education but I also worked in academic publishing, so I could be a resource there as well.  And if you’re considering travel or other adventures after graduation, I’d love to chat about that too!

"I want to hear your story and help you discover what is best for you."

How did you get to Midd, Cheryl?

I grew up in Maine and attended Middlebury College, where I majored in American Studies. My career path has included stints at Yale University Press, a Masters in Higher Education: Administration and Student Development from Boston College, and varied student development positions at a number of colleges, including Middlebury. Next came a rewarding 10 years (two as executive director) with Vermont Campus Compact, a statewide organization that works with Vermont colleges to promote civic engagement, before I returned to Middlebury in 2013.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your role at Middlebury?

For me, it has always been about encouraging student engagement and learning.  Currently, it happens to be overseeing the internship program and early engagement programming at CCI, but I’ve also advised student organizations, promoted community engagement initiatives, and supported undergraduate research. All of these high impact activities contribute to enriching a student’s experience in college, and I am just thrilled to witness it every day and be a part of it.

Wisdom you want all Middlebury students to know, in six words or less:

Your strengths can help the world.

An anonymous donor is paying for all your expenses to live abroad for a year. You must leave immediately, and packing is not an option. Where do you go, and why?

There are too many places I'd like to go! But if I have to choose, I'd like to explore Costa Rica, Hawaii, and Uganda!

Your alter ego spends her time as...

The owner of a bakery/bookstore, with plenty of time to gain inspiration from the outdoors especially through hiking and canoeing. 


Come talk with me!

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