Why Use MiddNet?
  • If you are just beginning your career exploration and need to learn about 'life inside' different careers.
  • If you are seasoned professional making a job change or career change, and want make connections to research a particular industry.
  • If you're applying for a job opening and would like to learn more about the company.
  • If you're relocating to a different city and would like to make professional connections there.
  • And for so many more reasons...
    MiddNet is your Middlebury career network.

Search MiddNet - an online database of over 7,400 of your fellow alumni  who have volunteered to offer you career advice and information about their career field or industry.
This is the Midd community helping the Midd community!


Why Become a MiddNet Volunteer?

Whether you are a teacher, banker, dancer or biologist ...
there is a student or fellow alum who is interested in your profession
and would benefit from your advice and perspective.
Whether you are a recent grad or an established professional, an
alumnus of Middlebury College or the Middlebury Language Schools ...
you have much valuable information to offer the students and alumni
who are interested in your career field.

Please consider becoming a MiddNet volunteer career adviser. 
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