For Employers

Our students are among the top liberal arts candidates in the nation. While here at Middlebury, they excel intellectually, learn how to think critically, naturally embrace challenges, and gain experience leading groups but also collaborating within a multicultural, complex environment to solve problems. 

The Center for Careers and Internships staff prepares students to translate their Middlebury experience into successful pursuit of their post-graduate goals. We recognize that employers play an important role in our ability to accomplish this mission and seek to build a mutually beneficial, enduring relationship with you.

Our employer relations professionals are committed to producing a one-stop, results-oriented recruiting experience for your organization. We are excited to assist you in building your brand on-campus, promoting your opportunities, and facilitating a seamless on-campus or virtual recruiting process. 

Posting Opportunities and Resume Collections

If you're unable to travel to campus, then we will help you build a deadline and campaign to electronically collect resumes and other application materials on your behalf.

  • To post an Internship Opportunityclick here.
  • To post a Full-time Job or Post-graduation Fellowshipclick here.

Engaging with Students On-campus

We invite employers to engage with our students through a variety of in-person and virtual programs.

  • On-campus interviews: Pre-select student candidates for a day or more of on-campus or virtual interviewing.
  • On-campus information sessions and tables: Provide students with details about your organization and the positions you seek to fill. Please submit your request at least two weeks in advance to schedule an event.
  • To request an on-campus event, please login to Handshake.

All organizations that engage with our students agree to adhere to Middlebury College’s Recruiting policies.  Click here to read these policies.

For more tips on structuring your information session, click here. For further questions, please email us at

2017-2018 Recruiting Calendar
Following is an overview of class start and end dates, all-campus campus events, and religious holidays that affect the scheduling of recruiting.

Fall Term Begins September 11, 2017
Fall Blackout Dates:

  • September 11-17 -- Opening Week
  • September 21-22 -- Rosh Hashanah
  • September 21-22 -- Clifford Symposium
  • September 29-30 -- Yom Kippur
  • October 13-15 -- Fall Family Weekend
  • October 23-24 -- Mid-Term Recess
  • October 27-29 -- Homecoming
  • November 17-26 -- Thanksgiving Recess
  • December 11-15 -- Final Examinations
  • December 17-January 7 -- Winter Recess

Winter Term Begins January 8, 2018
Winter Blackout Dates

  • January 8 -- First Day of Classes
  • January 15 -- Martin Luther King Jr.  Holiday
  • February 2-11 -- February Recess

Spring Term Begins February 12, 2018
Spring Blackout Dates

  • February 12 -- First Day of Classes
  • February 22-25 -- Winter Carnival
  • March 23-April 1 -- Spring Recess
  • April 19-20 -- Spring Symposium
  • May 15-20 -- Final Examinations