Posting an Internship to Handshake

Internships are considered a high-impact learning practice.They provide students with an experiential opportunity for exploring career options, connecting to academic work, and/or pursuing a deep personal interest. Thank you for providing an opportunity for Middlebury students to gain real-world experience. 

Current Middlebury students are generally looking for Summer and Winter Term internships. Recent graduates may also be seeking Spring or Fall internships.  Please note that Middlebury only offers academic credit for Winter Term internships (during the month of January).

What makes a great internship for a Middlebury student?
  • Providing thoughtful training and orientation to ensure that the student is "set up for success." This could include sessions on the unique culture in your workplace and offering professional development opportunities, such as brown-bag lunches and informational interviews with other employees at the organization.

  • Assigning challenging projects with a meaningful impact and the opportunity to interact with others.

  • Supporting the intern by developing goals and objectives, providing mentoring, regular guidance, and constructive feedback.

  • Ensuring a safe and productive working environment that fosters professionalism and ethical conduct.

  • Providing an adequate number of weekly hours throughout the agreed-upon internship duration. Recommendations: 30-40 hrs/wk in summer, 5-10 hrs/wk in fall and spring, 25 hrs/wk for January/Winter term (four weeks).

What tips do you have for creating an effective posting?
  • A complete and accurate job description is critical to attracting the appropriate candidates. Keep the interesting position description brief but reflective of the work associated with the position; make sure you include any factors of the position or your organization that you feel will make it distinctive and desirable. Use a title that is descriptive of the function that will be performed.

  • Qualifications should express the key competencies required. Specify the class year(s) for which the internship is intended. If you wish to target specific majors, please include those designations in the qualifications. A preferred level of competency may also be included.

  • If you are interested in considering recent graduates for spring, summer, and fall internships, we do include postings for recent graduates as well. Select that group from the options when posting your internship.

  • Be sure to select the job functions that best fit the internship for which you are recruiting; students interested in those job functions will be targeted with promotion.

  • Use multiple postings if you are seeking candidates for different functional positions with differing qualifications and timeframes.

  • We recommend your application period be no longer than 60 days. We do not accept repetitive postings of the same opportunity within a single semester. You may, however, repost the opportunity once in a subsequent semester.

Can internships be unpaid?

We encourage employers to provide paid internships, but we realize this is not always possible. The College has a limited amount of funding for students who secure an unpaid summer internship. If providing an unpaid summer internship, we recommend using a mid-March application deadline date to ensure enough time to interview students and make an offer, which in turn will enable students, if desired, to have sufficient time to apply for Middlebury College's competitive internship funding.  Note: Internship postings should meet the NACE definition and criteria for internships. (For additional information, see “A Position Statement on U.S. Internships: A Definition and Criteria to Assess Opportunities and Determine the Implications for Compensation.”)

Upload your Internship to Handshake

Ready to post an opportunity? Log into Handshake, our on-campus recruiting platform that allows you to manage your recruiting activities. If you are new to the system, simply register as a new employer and after approval you will be able to post job and internship opportunities. To get your position noticed by students and alumni, be sure to complete your company’s profile in Handshake and provide a detailed job description.  

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