Posting a Job or Post-graduation Fellowship

We only post job opportunities for entry-level positions that are intended for seniors who will be graduating in February and May, as well as, recently graduated alumni (within six months of graduation).  

Please click the link below to complete the employer registration and post your position. If we have questions, we'll follow up. Once the position is approved and posted in Handshake, you will receive a system-generated message informing you of the approval. We'll then promote your opportunity to our students.  After the application deadline, we will follow up with you to understand candidate selection outcomes and to debrief candidate performance.  We believe that this an important, mutually beneficial element of our relationship with you that will enhance your recruiting experience with us.

A Few Tips for Making Your Posting Most Effective:

  • Use a title that is descriptive of the function that will be performed.  If you must include a date or Job ID number, please enter it at the end of the description.
  • Be sure to select the job function from the drop down menu that best fits the job for which you are recruiting; students interested in that function will be targeted with promotion.
  • Use multiple postings if you are seeking candidates for different functional positions with differing qualifications and timeframes.
  • A complete and accurate job description is critical to attracting the appropriate candidates. Keep the interesting position description brief but reflective of the work associated with the position; make sure you include any factors of the position or your organization that you feel make it distinctive and desirable.
  • Qualifications should express the key competencies required.  If you wish to target select, specific majors, please include them in the qualifications.  A preferred level of competencies may also be included.
  • Application period.  We recommend your posting period (posting date to expiration date) be no longer than 75 days in duration.  We do not accept repetitive postings of the same opportunity within a single semester.  You may however, repost the opportunity once in a subsequent semester.
  • Include your desired start dates.
  • 3rd party recruiter postings must specify the employer of the position.
  • If you plan to hold on-campus interviews, do not submit your posting via NACELink. 
  • We recommend scheduling on-campus interviews at least six weeks in advance in order to secure your preferred date and to allow sufficient time for the application process. You may want to schedule several months in advance for high demand periods such as September, October, and November. Schedule your Middlebury On-Campus Recruiting visit now by contacting us.

Click here to post your opportunity in Handshake.