Career Services

Please refer students to us for assistance in preparing a resume or CV, help with interviewing for graduate school, a job or internship, or help making connections between their interests and potential careers. Students can drop by for a quick conversation during our drop-in advising hours (go/cciqqs for the drop-in schedule), or by making an appointment.

Below are some other ways we can help you explore career connections with your students:

Career Conversations

We can help you identify alumni and practitioners in your disciplines and set up a career panel or Career Conversations with guest speakers. Midd2Midd, our alumni career advisory database, houses over 3,000 alumni volunteers interested in sharing their career experiences with students. We’ll assist you and your department in helping to identify these alumni and getting them here to campus to chat with your students. And if you are bringing guest speakers to campus, we can arrange a Career Conversation in conjunction with their talk. Contact Tracy Himmel Isham at 443-5102 for more information.

Workshops and class presentations

We offer career-related skill-building workshops in your classroom (e.g., job search strategies, interviewing techniques, resume writing) or we can share opportunities—internships, jobs, and fellowships—that may be relevant for your discipline or course.

Advising about majors and careers

In the liberal arts, choosing a major is typically not aligned with a specific career path. Just a glance at the career paths of our alumni or even our graduating class illustrates that point. But there are specialized professional paths—such as medicine or engineering—where it is essential students take certain kinds of courses to meet admissions requirements. Specific graduate programs, too, may require a minimum amount of content in relevant areas. Other graduate programs, such as law, do not have a required content for admission, though courses in logic and political science may be helpful, and experience in legal settings may help students probe their interest further. We work with students from all majors in helping them make connections between their passion for history, languages, math, or any discipline and potential career paths.

What do Middlebury graduates do after graduation?

Each May, we ask our graduating seniors about their postgraduate plans. Recent results can be found here. In addition, we continually update our list of organizations that typically recruit Middlebury students to demonstrate the diversity of industries─public and private, for-profit and not-for-profit─interested in hiring Middlebury grads.