Graduate School Advising

For many graduate programs, faculty are the best resource for advising about particular programs and universities. Middlebury also has specific advisers for some pre-professional areas:
    - Architectural Studies
    - Education Studies
    - Engineering
    - Health Professions
    - Pre-Law

Advisers at CCI also provide general advice about graduate school, including how to identify degree programs, plan the application process, and funding possibilities. See full information on our Graduate School page.

Letters of Recommendation (Credential Files)
We recommend that students use Interfolio, an online system that streamlines the process of maintaining and sending references. Because employers and graduate schools must receive sensitive credentials information from applicants in a secure and convenient way (i.e., transcripts—official or unofficial, writing samples, letters of reference—confidential or open, examples of work, awards/certificates/proof of graduation, or other documents), we have established Interfolio as the official online service for maintaining Middlebury students’ files. To use Interfolio, students need to create an account that they manage themselves.