Jobs and Internships

Where Students Find Jobs, Internships and Career Advice

We maintain a collection of resources to help students in their search. The most important among these are

  • MOJO (Middlebury Online Jobs and Opportunities): lists Midd-friendly jobs, internships, and visits from organizations and employers.
  • LACN (Liberal Arts Career Network): lists liberal-arts-friendly jobs from 31 colleges.
  • MiddNet: lists more than 7,500 alumni, searchable by major as well as career industry.

Only students have access to MOJO and LACN, but your department liaison can share with you relevant opportunities for your students from MOJO and help you find alumni in MiddNet.  

Job and Internship Referrals

Through your work, you likely know employers, alumni, and professionals who could offer great experiential opportunities for your students in the form of internships and postgraduate jobs. If you have referrals, please send them to our senior recruiting coordinator, or call 443-5097. We will follow up with the employer and add the opportunity listing to MOJO, our jobs and internship database.

Recommending Students to Employers

Sometimes employers contact faculty directly looking for recommended candidates for a job or internship. We sometimes receive similar requests. Please be aware that Career Services adheres to the National Association of Colleges and Employers Guidelines, including guidelines for faculty; these guidelines prohibit us from screening resumes on behalf of an employer. In the interest of broad access to opportunities and helping find the best candidates for a position, we would like to ensure all opportunities are widely advertised and available to all Middlebury students. Should you have any questions about this, please contact the Career Services director, Don Kjelleren, at 443-5107.

Job & Internship Search Advising

We welcome your referrals! Advisers in Career Services help students develop essential job-search skills: self-assessment, networking, interviewing, and resume and cover letter writing. We are a student's best resource for finding opportunities for internships and postgraduate jobs in every field of interest. Career advisers are available weekdays 2–5 p.m. for drop-in hours, and other times by appointment. We have developed an excellent four-year timeline that will help guide students through the process of determining their post-college destination and the skills to achieve their goals.