Career Staff Liaisons

In addition to our advising staff for different programs, each academic department has a staff liaison in Career Services. These professionals are your “go-to” contacts for questions related to careers, alumni, and and typically have industry in their interest area as well as experience with alumni and resources targeted to these disciplines. Feel free to use the contact information below to get to know our professional staff better.
See below for your department or program contact:

American Studies Tim Mosehauer x5105
Arabic Susan Walker x5407
Biology Mary Lothrop x5077
Chemistry & Biochemistry Mary Lothrop x5077
Chinese Susan Walker x5407
Classical Studies Tim Mosehauer x5105
Classics Tim Mosehauer x5105
Comparative Literature Susan Walker x5407
Computer Science Mary Lothrop x5077
Creative Writing Susan Walker x5407
Dance Susan Walker x5407
Economics Don Kjelleren x5107
Education Studies Cheryl Whitney Lower x5798
English & American Literatures Tim Mosehauer x5105
Environmental Affairs Tracy Himmel Isham x5102
Environmental Studies Tracy Himmel Isham x5102
Film and Media Culture Tim Mosehauer x5105
French Susan Walker x5407
Geography Tracy Himmel Isham x5102
Geology Mary Lothrop x5077
German Susan Walker x5407
Global Health Tracy Himmel Isham x5102
Hebrew Susan Walker x5407


Tim Mosehauer x5105
History of Art & Architecture Susan Walker x5407
Int'l Pol. & Econ. Don Kjelleren x5107
International Studies Tracy Himmel Isham x5102
IS/African Tracy Himmel Isham x5102
IS/East Asian Studies Tracy Himmel Isham x5102
IS/European Studies Tracy Himmel Isham x5102
IS/Latin American Studies Tracy Himmel Isham x5102
IS/Middle East Tracy Himmel Isham x5102
IS/REES Tracy Himmel Isham x5102
IS/South Asian Studies Tracy Himmel Isham x5102
Italian Susan Walker x5407
Japanese Studies Susan Walker x5407
Jewish Studies Tim Mosehauer x5105
Language Schools Susan Walker x5407
Literary Studies Susan Walker x5407
Literature Program Susan Walker x5407
Mathematics Mary Lothrop x5077
Mol. Biology & Biochem Mary Lothrop x5077
Music Susan Walker x5407
Neuroscience Mary Lothrop x5077
Philosophy Tim Mosehauer x5105
Physical Education Mary Lothrop x5077
Physics Mary Lothrop x5077
Political Science Tim Mosehauer x5105
Pre-Law Tim Mosehauer x5105
Pre-Medical Mary Lothrop x5077
Pre-Engineering Mary Lothrop x5077
Psychology Mary Lothrop x5077
Religion Tim Mosehauer x5105
Rohatyn Ctr. For Intl.Affairs Tracy Himmel Isham x5102
Russian Susan Walker x5407
Sociology/Anthropology Tim Mosehauer x5105
Spanish & Portuguese Susan Walker x5407
Studio Art Susan Walker x5407
Theatre Susan Walker x5407
Theatre and Dance Susan Walker x5407
Women's & Gender Studies Peggy Burns x3450
Writing Program Susan Walker x5407