Resources for Faculty

Field Guides & Career Conversations

The “Field Guide for X Majors” brings together alumni, faculty/program directors, and students from a major (or other affinity) to help students think broadly about where their major might take them, and learn about the many career paths developed by alumni. Read more about our Field Guides program. Contact Amy McGlashan, Director of Academic Outreach and Special Projects, 804.443.5103 for more information.

Self-Assessment Resources for Students

We help students relate career decisions to their interests, skills, values, and personality by offering them the opportunity to take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) and the Strong Interest Inventory online. Follow-up self-assessment workshops help students use this information to inform their decision making about a major, study abroad, campus activities, internships, and career choices. If you would like to refer a student or set up a self-assessment workshop for your class, please contact Samantha Haimes or call 443-5366.

Online Workshops, Tools, and Resources

Students can access online skill-building workshops and resources by visiting the section of our website titled Tools and Resources. There is an extensive Career Library with links to over a dozen industry fields, online workshops on networking, interviewing, and resume and cover letter writing, advice on salary and job offers, and many more resources that your students will find useful.