Focus Your Search

Figuring out what type of internship is right for you can involve several steps: self-evaluation, research, information-gathering, preparing an effective resume, corresponding with organizations that interest you, and taking action.

Some questions to consider:

What do you want to do?
If you need help focusing, take the Type Focus Assessment and attend one of CCI’s assessment workshops offered periodically throughout the year. Or skip right to identifying the CCI advisor in your interest area and schedule an appointment.

Where do you want to live?
Do you want to live at home, or is the world wide open for you? You might start by identifying 3-5 cities where you would like to live. Websites like Find Your Spot will help you discover locations that may be right for you.

What kind of organization do you want to work for?
Whether you know exactly where you want to try to get your foot in the door or you are still trying to identify target organizations, you can begin by researching industries and organizations and identifying alumni and others to talk to as a way to build your knowledge base.
Check out the Find an Internship page for tips and resources.

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Adventures in Liberal Arts Learning!

Conservation Biology major Emily Goetz '15, spent her summer on the coast of Maine, interning with the National Audubon Society's Project Puffin.