Find or Create Your Internship

Finding the right internship is an exciting journey. Most students find their internships through online databases or create their own through networking. 

What do you want to do? 
If you need help focusing your internship search, use the Self-Reflection Guide and then schedule a follow-up Exploratory appointment in Handshake. Or just skip right to scheduling an appointment with an advisor in your interest area. 

Where do you want to live? 
Do you want to live at home, or is the world wide open for you? You might start by identifying 3-5 cities where you would like to live and start searching for internships there.

What kind of company/organization do you want to work for? 
Whether you know exactly where you want to try to get your foot in the door or you are still trying to identify target organizations, you can begin by researching industries and organizations and identifying alumni and others to talk to as a way to build your knowledge base. 

Here is CCI’s Top Ten list for finding or creating your own internship!
  1. Apply to internships on Handshake, as well as the connected database found within Handshake: Liberal Arts Career Network,(login is your Middlebury email. If it is your first time logging in, or are having trouble, click "Forgot Password").
  2. Browse other Handshake resources, such as Internships: What Have Midd Students Done in the Past?, GoinGlobal (includes US City Guides), ArtSearch, and more. 
  3. Check out Middlebury's Signature Internship Programs (below), such as FoodWorks, MuseumWorks, CLIMB, and Privilege and Poverty Internships.
  4. Check out CCI's seven Career Path Pages for internship news, resources, and industry-specific databases and internships.  
  5. Learn about CCI resources and how to start your internship search with a Peer Career Advisor at Quick Questions; no appointment necessary. PCAs can also help you create or edit a resume and cover letter; first check out our guides, sample resumes, and other great tools and resources on the CCI web site. 
  6. Make an appointment to talk with one of the CCI advisors who can give you targeted advice in your field of interest or the Associate Director for Internships for general internship questions.
  7. Network with over 7,500 alumni on MiddNet – our database of alumni who have volunteered to offer you career advice and information about their career field or industry. LinkedIn will offer you opportunities to research and connect with 29,000 more alums!
  8. Tell your friends, parents, professors, and everyone you know and meet that you are looking. You never know when a conversation will lead to more information, a contact, or a great tip. Get the scoop on our networking page.
  9. Use CCI's Self-Reflection and Career Exploration Guides to learn more about your skills, interests, and values, or Spotlight on Careers (in Handshake Resources) for targeted information for liberal arts students about career fields and preparation for entering those fields.   
  10. If your summer internship is unpaid, apply for CCI’s funding for unpaid internships. Important: please note that Middlebury does not grant credit or transcript notation for summer internships, so DO NOT accept an internship with an organization that requires that you receive credit or transcript notation.

Signature Programs

Middlebury has several cohort internship programs where students intern at different organizations but share a common thread in terms of geography and/or theme. These programs most often include an academic and/or professional development curriculum that helps students understand the theme more systemically and more formally learn from one another. The framework of a cohort work, living, and learning experience adds value and contributes to the goals of a liberal arts education to prepare our students for life, work, and citizenship. There is perhaps no greater means to connect learning with work and career exploration, while building community among students of diverse backgrounds.  

Individual internship listings can be found in Handshake, or e-mail us for general inquiries. Some of Middlebury’s current signature cohort programs include:

Middlebury FoodWorks places students in internships related to local food movements and sustainable development in Vermont –from farm to table, research to policy.  Four days a week, students do a deep-dive, get work experience, and develop skills.  On the 5th day, students participate in structured food-related field trips, service projects, readings and discussions, and blog posts.

MuseumWorks introduces students to the dynamic and multifaceted professional world of museums and archives through a combination of internship placements in local cultural institutions, professional development, field trips, and collaboration on an exhibition project.

CLIMB Internship Program designed exclusively for Harvard, Middlebury, MIT, Stanford, Brown, and Yale students interested in a wide variety of areas from the arts to high tech. Colorado.  These internships will be posted in Handshake.  

Social Impact Corps connects students to the front line of social change with unique global internships.   A cohort of students works with an international NGO and receives tangible work experience having social impact. The program is an entry point to gaining deeper understanding and curating the tools needed to lead a purpose-driven career. Projects for summer ’18 are working on sustainable agriculture and development in Peru, and education and sustainable development in the Bahamas. 

Privilege & Poverty Internships engage students through national and local programs to address issues of poverty and support social justice. Nationally, selected students choose from over 100 Shepherd Higher Education Consortium on Poverty (SHECP) internships while, locally, the Center for Community Engagement has partnerships with about six Addison County agencies.

Vermont Business Strategy and Consulting Program is for students interested in leading a business, non-profit, or other organization, or in management consulting as a career. Students are given in-depth hands-on experience working on a key strategic management issue for a local enterprise. The cohort also gathers weekly with Dr. Amitava Biswas, instructor for the Introduction to Business and Management & Enterprise courses.

Team4Tech (Costa Rica) connects technology volunteers and solutions with high impact non-profit organizations in developing countries. Students go through six weeks of on-line preparation in human-centered design, followed by four weeks of in-country immersive service learning, providing technology and training to teachers in rural schools. 

Anwarul Quadir Foundation (AQF) Economic Development Fellowships allows students to experience first-hand the challenges and rewards of working in a rapidly developing country. AQF, which sponsors this program, seeks to promote understanding of economic and social progress in Bangladesh.  AQF identifies organizations where students intern, in such industries as telecommunications, banking, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, ceramics, software, food production, and more.  

The Center for Community Engagement partners with several Addison County agencies to provide local Winter Term internship opportunities for Middlebury students. These internships will be posted in Handshake


Internship Credit

Middlebury College offers credit for unpaid Winter Term internships (you must complete an application to request credit), but does not grant academic credit for internships that take place during the summer.